Javascript cryptography in the wild (
from to on 14 Jun 2024 12:27

in my messaging app, javascript cryptography is the backbone of security so its important for it to be reliable. i would like to introduce you to my decentralized chat app:

i created thin wrapper around browser-based cryptography functions provided by the browser. it is using webpack 5 module federation to import it at runtime.…/Cryptography.tsx

with this i think i can effectively create encrypted p2p, which i hope to be a step towards true security (but it will take a while to get there).

(note: my app is an experimental unstable proof-of-concept. it is provided for demo and testing purposes.)


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Bookmarked and will revisit when work isn’t so crazy. Looks interesting! on 14 Jun 2024 19:25 collapse

I’ve wanted to do that for years! Good job on actually doing it :)