What are You Working on Wednesday
from shellsharks@infosec.pub to cybersecurity@infosec.pub on 08 Nov 2023 12:45 +0000

Weekly thread to discuss whatever you’re working on, big or small, at work or in your free time.


TragicNotCute@lemmy.world on 08 Nov 2023 14:06 +0000 next

Also where do you store secrets or keys? Be specific. Where do you store the keys to your keys? Leave out no detail…

TQuid@beehaw.org on 08 Nov 2023 14:17 +0000 next

Getting 20+secrets into Akeyless and figuring out how to manage their automated rotation. Took almost a week just figuring out oidc auth. Not my primary area of expertise, obviously.

alex_02@infosec.pub on 08 Nov 2023 19:04 +0000 next

So been working on several things, but I am hoping to soon share some of them with the documentation and hopefully start exploring other ideas I have.

Finally got around to setting up the labs on digital ocean and bought domains that I’ve been itching to get for a while. Been taking a look at different kind of boards and hardware devices to see if usable for what I want. I am tired, so I think I’m going to take a short break on my current things and focus on other projects I’ve been meaning to do.

I think it is good to rotate between projects, so things don’t become dull and tedious or whatever.

shellsharks@infosec.pub on 08 Nov 2023 21:18 +0000

Agreed! Keeping momentum is always key and if it takes switching gears to a diff project then thats great. Always fun to pick up a new domain for a new project too =)

wop@infosec.pub on 08 Nov 2023 22:59 +0000

Learning things about Wireguard and implement it to secure my internet facing servers.