Off-Topic Friday
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Wanna chat about something non-infosec amongst those of us who frequent /c/cybersecurity? Here’s your chance! (Keep things civil & respectful please)


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I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee lattely and I don’t even like coffee. It’s just that I add a lot of milk to it so it tastes kind of decent.

I’m on my way to my fifth cup mug today.

I’ve also recently developed an inability to fall asleep at night as quickly as I used to. I should probably go back to tea but every time I try I hear the coffee jar whispering in my ear “come to me or you’ll regret it” and since I’m not a confrontational individual I kind of just go with it. on 14 Jun 2024 18:13 next collapse

Omg. I too have developed an “affinity” for coffee as of late. Have been thinking of cutting back. There’s always tomorrow right? on 14 Jun 2024 20:16 collapse

I love coffee. I started with a French press, then moved to an areopress, then an espresso machine. I still use all 3, and experiment with what beans are best brewed with the different methods. Very fun hobby.

I love tea as well. But it’s to relax after a stressful day. It’s a different vibe for me. I usually go for tisane or a mild green (sencha).

The act of making coffee, opening the bean package, grinding the beans, preparing the brewing method, brewing, cleaning up, then enjoying the coffee is very zen for me. It’s like practicing mindfulness.

I cannot have coffee after like 1pm without it keeping me awake. And I certainly would be climbing across the ceiling with 5 mugs of coffee. on 14 Jun 2024 20:10 collapse

Got back from vacation yesterday. Today, the Blue Angels are practicing for their show (exhibition? Not really sure what they call it). Super fun to get to watch them play in the sky all day.