Off-Topic Friday
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Wanna chat about something non-infosec amongst those of us who frequent /c/cybersecurity? Here’s your chance! (Keep things civil & respectful please)


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Does anyone else completely disconnect from security outside their jobs? I’m not talking about not being personally secure outside work, but more on not doing anything security-related on your spare time or hobbies. I know a lot of people and colleagues who live and breathe security. Outside of work, they spend their time doing the same things they do in the office, just removed from company resources of course.

I on the other hand just disconnect. I make music and play casual sports as exercise. I don’t do any security related hobbies (other than securing my and my family’s personal computing environment of course). on 08 Jul 14:19 collapse

I’d wager most people do. But you certainly hear about all the people who spend their free time doin more cyberz. I am definitely guilty of this a lot of the time. But I’ve been working harder to disconnect more. Being a parent helps with this as it’s pretty mandatory.