Podcast: 7 Minute Security (7minsec.com)
from redfox@infosec.pub to cybersecurity@infosec.pub on 10 Mar 2024 12:33

For anyone who’s interested in pen. testing, there’s a business from MN that does a podcast where the host and business owner, Brian, talks about doing tests, tells stories, and is generally goofy.

Brian made a podcast intro song, kinda funny. He talks about testing successes, tips for security, personal things, and running the business. They do live streaming where they sometimes get into the weeds and teach some techniques.

(I am not affiliated with 7 Minute Security, just enjoy the podcast/learning)


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PersonalDevKit@aussie.zone on 10 Mar 2024 12:53 next collapse

Thanks for the share. I have been looking for more podcasts that are a bit more short form (less than an hour). This one seems like it could be a good fit.

redfox@infosec.pub on 10 Mar 2024 13:43 collapse

They’ll all over the place time wise.

I skip forward when he goes on tangents, though I can usually relate to them 😀

cron@feddit.de on 10 Mar 2024 13:01 collapse

7 Minute Security

The first episode I looked into (Wazuh) was 51 minutes ;)

redfox@infosec.pub on 10 Mar 2024 13:42 collapse

Yeah, he’s an acquired taste. I could see being friends, but you have to be interested in wading through a lot of friendly commentary, or do a lot of skipping forward.

I like the domain admin dance.