Off-Topic Friday (experimental)
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Experimenting with a new regular thread. Wanna chat about something non-infosec amongst those of us who frequent /c/cybersecurity? Here’s your chance! (Keep things civil & respectful please).

Have a great weekend!


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Been playing around with Image generation for a little while now - so much fun. I’d never want to monetize off my work, mainly because I know that a lot of the image training is stolen (specific verbiage ‘stolen’ is my opinion, not legal damnation)

With that being said, does anyone know of any specific projects/models which are solely trained on consensual training/sharing? I know if my own artistic abilities were better, I’d want to share with the community and would have interest in training my own models to generate new, creative stuff with my unique stroke added.

edit: may as well share a couple gens I recently made that I thought were pretty neat:

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So, here’s my input. So-called AI is today’s bubble that will burst just like the NFT did. The vast majority of AI startups will go under, and the few that survive will be bought or destroyed by big corporations. What’s left will be extremely invasive in terms of privacy and will be a new source of data breaches. The fact that people responsible for AI startups have no idea what an AI/ML is, will the process even worse. on 10 May 15:24 collapse

Interesting take - you mention AI pretty broadly here, is there a specific sector/use-case you have in mind specifically? Or do you truly mean the technology itself? on 10 May 17:14 collapse

I was talking about today’s AI - virtual assistants, bots and the good old regular complex algorithms rebranded as AI. The “real AI” will benefit from the buzz. AI/ML was around for few decades now but it lacked media attention. Since LLMs got into mainstream, I think the science will continue to grow but the “public” projects will mostly die when the bubble bursts. on 10 May 17:29 collapse

I think so too tbh, kinda seems like the course for any new technology tbh. Implementations come and go as we refine the tech itself - not sure if you’ve read it before but “How We Got To Now” was a pretty good read. Talks about tech in general all the way from the invention of glass to modern tech and discusses the social reception along the way. Think they made a tv show about it too IIRC on 10 May 18:10 collapse

I was told there were furries on Fridays. on 10 May 20:15 collapse

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