Microsoft is a national security threat, says ex-White House cyber policy director (
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. . . aaand a bunch of other people. on 06 May 20:36 collapse

Yeah. I don’t get a headline, but I said it a couple times this week.

Maybe I should hold more press conferences…/s on 06 May 20:22 next collapse

Competition? That would damage the economy! How are the fat cats supposed to stay fat?! on 06 May 22:26 next collapse

Maybe, but only if windows users continue to not learn how to use their PCs

Just because you know what the buttons do doesn’t mean you know how to use it. on 06 May 23:19 next collapse

I keep clicking the link that says “free crypto in your account claim now” and its not doing anything except making my screen go black randomly. I need one of my grandchildren to help me when they visit in a month on 07 May 04:05 collapse

Shitty security practices, and a lack of good security software is to blame for that on 06 May 23:48 next collapse

L take, taking control away from the user and into a closed source black box leads to breach after breach on 07 May 04:05 collapse

Only if the closed source black box has your information in the first place on 07 May 08:47 collapse

Just never digitize anything and your Windows install will be secure. Got it. on 07 May 00:32 next collapse

Users aren’t responsible for the plethora of security issues Microsoft regularly releases. on 07 May 04:04 collapse

They are if they have shitty security practices and never set up good security software on 07 May 18:26 collapse

If it’s the user’s responsibility to secure the operating systems they use then isn’t it both illogical and immoral for Microsoft to keep the source code secret? on 08 May 05:05 collapse

I agree with that, force microsoft to make windows open source. on 07 May 04:22 next collapse

🤑🥾 on 08 May 03:29 collapse

Are you a child or just dense? on 06 May 22:40 next collapse

why did the millitart hand everything over to them then? on 06 May 23:15 next collapse

They don’t give people want they want in Win 11, and become a security threat in the meantime. Brilliant on 08 May 03:29 collapse

You mean It’s a bad idea to put government secrets in the cloud of a large company whose only working department is their PR department?

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