What are You Working on Wednesday (Thursday Edition)
from shellsharks@infosec.pub to cybersecurity@infosec.pub on 20 Jun 2024 13:54

Weekly thread to discuss whatever you’re working on, big or small, at work or in your free time.


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ptz@dubvee.org on 20 Jun 2024 14:04 next collapse

Off work today, so I have a to-do list I hope to knock out:

  • Finish last round of testing and release 1.4.0 of Tesseract
  • Update my Nginx + ModSecurity WAF and test/deploy the new build.
  • If not finish, then at least continue moving stuff off of an old server I’m decommissioning

There’s more I need/want to get done, but just those 3 things are ambitious for one day where I’m supposed to be relaxing lol.

biptoot@lemmy.today on 20 Jun 2024 18:25 collapse

Also off work today, so it’s pet-project time: I have some scripts that collect local housing rental prices. I’ve been collecting this information in a sqlite db using python webscraping libraries, so I can chart the effects of gentrification and homelessness in my (small, rural) community.