What are You Working on Wednesday
from shellsharks@infosec.pub to cybersecurity@infosec.pub on 24 Jan 16:09

Weekly thread to discuss whatever you’re working on, big or small, at work or in your free time.


1984@lemmy.today on 24 Jan 20:44 next collapse

Setting up a nomad cluster with traefik at home, and it’s a lot of fun to be back to hosting stuff myself again. :)

The cloud is fine for work but there is no substitute for owning your own hardware.

wop@infosec.pub on 24 Jan 20:56 next collapse

Currently using HedgeDoc for taking notes, but it is lacking some features, so I am trying to find and host some alternatives and compare them. And I hope I can find some time to play with my Flipper Zero…

MSgtRedFox@infosec.pub on 24 Jan 23:48 next collapse

A story fit for /r/sysadmin:

Had to script and locally/manually uninstall and reinstall custom application on ~25 computers because:

  • enterprise policies disable remote scripting/powershell remoting even though it an be enabled securely
  • application developer had not finalized silent install
  • dev team wont build the automation themsevles.

If you have any form of automated configuration management, you’re blessed :)

furby@infosec.pub on 25 Jan 06:16 next collapse

Trying to configure a redirection or rewrite or route to a single host outside of docker from traefik 1.7 without crying…

slazer2au@lemmy.world on 25 Jan 07:51 collapse

Containerise oxidiser and syslog-ng so when we onboard a new device or customer we add their devices to the cmdb and the data is auto added to those containers.