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#cybersecurity on 28 Aug 2023 13:26 +0000 next

For those who have a dedicated Security Architecture team in their org, what job title do the team members use? The thing about an architect role is that in the industry, it’s often used as a high/top level position, meaning an architect is the next level from an engineer, which in turn is the next level from an anaylst.

Some companies however have a team of “architects” who are basically at the same level of engineering staff, and just with a different role focusing on security architecture and design. I’ve seen some use titles like Consultant or Specialist. What do yours do?

This is also a bit of an issue with job hunting because oftentimes when searching for roles focusing on that specialization, searching “architect” usually pulls up the aforementioned high/top level positions instead of staff level positions. on 29 Aug 2023 11:51 +0000

Before I moved into big tech space I wasn’t familiar with the role grade of security architect, and neither was my prior company. They had an architecture team where those within it were enterprise/security architects. I think that’s perfectly fine tbh, but I suppose could be confusing if you come from tech world. on 28 Aug 2023 15:17 +0000

Im looking to switch positions soon. I work as a partner for a startup with some friends. Does it look bad on a CV to list this experience? I’m worried they’ll think I’m trying to milk 3 jobs at the same time, instead of replacing my current day job on 29 Aug 2023 11:49 +0000

Maybe some HM’s would think that. I wouldn’t tbh. Your entrepreneurial spirit might even be a benefit. If they like you as a candidate but are worried about any conflicts of interest they will just ask you. You’ll just need a confident response to allay any potential fears.