WordPress Admins Urged to Remove miniOrange Plugins Due to Critical Flaw (thehackernews.com)
from IllNess@infosec.pub to cybersecurity@infosec.pub on 19 Mar 2024 05:19


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redfox@infosec.pub on 19 Mar 2024 11:35 collapse
  1. I like getting infosec info on infosec instance :)

  2. If you cross post to two communities on the same instance, we all see double posts.

Maybe we can pick between cybersecurity and security news for articles and the other for discussion?

IllNess@infosec.pub on 19 Mar 2024 14:14 collapse

I didn’t even consider that. I was cross posting because there were followers of one that wasn’t on the other.

I guess that’s where the downvotes comes from. Lol.

I will post articles only on Security News from now on. I will only cross-post to other instances.

redfox@infosec.pub on 20 Mar 10:18 collapse

Thanks for posting interesting stuff.