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I’m still at university and we had one course on it sec, but those were my only option to ehance my skills in this field. I fiddled around with ctfs a little and tried to learn some stuff with metasploit. But i feel like the learning curve is very steep, also because it’s such a broad field. I’m currently studying electrical engineering and information technology. I have some skills in programming, embedded, some webdev stuff and some SQL.

What would you say is an easie field to get started in? Some friends of mine are at the same point right now, their skills arenmore limited though. Thanks in advance :) on 14 Feb 2024 20:21 collapse

My personal opinion is that technical cybersecurity roles are not great straight-out-of-school jobs. Technical cyber roles can expect a candidate to already have experience with networking, system administration, some coding, technical writing, and presentation skills.

So starting with other IT roles like help desk, system administration and networking, etc. can help build knowledge.