Browser Certificate Stores and QWACs
from to on 09 Jan 2024 02:16

Let’s talk about root certificate management and the EU proposed QWACs.

Steve Gibson of the security now podcast weighed in with opposition to the EUs proposed QWACs certs and cited a few other prominent figures also expressing opposition.

Paragraphing their concerns, they proposed that mandating a bunch of new CAs introduced more risk and greater opportunity for abuse or compromise. Steve favors less CAs also being in favor pruning out most, but 6 or 7.

At the moment, I don’t care for browsers having their own certificate stores, as I would rather use the OS which I would use group policy for windows or use an automation tool for Linux.

I am also in favor of pruning out certs, though I’ve never tested that in an enterprise.

Does your organization allow non OS certificate stores?

Does your organization prune out default root certs?

How do you feel about the proposed QWACs?

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This is something I want to discuss at work.

I think I’d feel better about only having the minimum number of certs.