Revealed: Israeli cyber firms developed an 'insane' new spyware tool. No defense exists (
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Laughs in flip phone. on 18 Sep 2023 22:37 next collapse

my dream is a flip feature phone that can act as a hotspot. Go to settings and activate hotspot and then it throws a random code on the screen to use with your laptop or tablet. would be the bomb.

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I fee bad for the normies ....

It sucks that privacy is a luxury for the knowledgeable ... and a chore.

That's why we need tools like Veilid to become more popular. Everyone should host a node right now.

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Compartmentalizing it and/or blocking it with zero trust whitelisting would stop it. on 20 Sep 2023 12:52 collapse

can JShelter help, at least for computers? As I understand it can fake JS API data JShelter links

or InviZible Pro: increase your security, protect you, thoughts (android)