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Weekly thread for any and all career, learning and general guidance questions. Thinking of taking a training or going for a cert? Wondering how to level up your career? Wondering what NOT to do? Got other questions? This is the time and place to ask!

*Better late than never I say. Sorry folks!

#cybersecurity on 14 Nov 2023 00:35 +0000 next

Still planning to sit for the AWS Security Speciality, but not sure if I will find enough time to study for it (I wanted to get it done with before the Winter break but at this rate I can’t even give 2 hours a day, and I need time to explore services and note down facts). on 14 Nov 2023 13:08 +0000

FWIW, I grinded the aCloudGuru series for Security Specialty and was able to take the exam directly off that. TBH, I didn’t even do the labs. That said, I have quite a bit of security xp (though less direct AWS xp). There is a mobile app for aCG (now owned by Pluralsight maybe?) so you could listen/watch on the go. on 14 Nov 2023 16:17 +0000

I’m working on the TutorialsDojo sets and I must say, they are quite good. There are no labs, unfortunately, but I probably wouldn’t have the time anyway. I have very little AWS/security experience, but I have some background in networking (at least it’s not completely new to me) and have the SAA so I’m not starting from scratch, but studying takes time! I wish my schedule would clear up haha.

Which certificate are you looking at right now? I’d like to do the networking speciality, SAP, and maybe the DevOps professional after that. I’m also hoping to change jobs so I get to work with AWS but no luck so far. on 15 Nov 2023 11:51 +0000

For a time I was prepping for OSWE from OffSec but my schedule did not really allow me to commit fully to it. I haven’t really put much thought into what to do next if not for that. By Q2 next year I should have time for something new. on 15 Nov 2023 14:10 +0000

Nice on 15 Nov 2023 12:32 +0000

I’m a defender who is trying to learn more about offense. Recently I decided to install a Windows VM in virt-manager and started doing some recon on it.

What I found is the only port listening on a default install of Windows 10 pro is 7680 which is for Windows Update Download Optimization and I have no idea where to proceed from there.

Is there any good beginner resources that start from using a single Windows target and work out from there? on 15 Nov 2023 14:00 +0000

I would set up a Kali VM and play on HTB or tryhack me. They will have windows machines already set up for you. HTB academy’s “getting started” module would be a good place to start or TCM’s practical ethical hacking course (there is a free version on YouTube).