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Weekly thread for any and all career, learning and general guidance questions. Thinking of taking a training or going for a cert? Wondering how to level up your career? Wondering what NOT to do? Got other questions? This is the time and place to ask!


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The market is still fairly dogshit from my perspective. What certifications do you recommend to rise up the ladder? I’m more into cloud security/infrastructure than pentesting, was considering the AWS-SAP but was quickly reminded of how much work that is without continuous AWS exposure. on 28 May 23:58 collapse

  • Security+ typically puts you on the map
  • CISSP is usually Sec+ level-up
  • Relevant (to the job you’re applying to) SANS course (expensive)
  • OSCP (for pentesting)
  • Any AWS cert is good if you’re applying to cloud roles

But really, certs don’t move the needle the way they once did imo. You may be better off documenting your experience on a website rather than just having letters. This has at least been my perspective (and I have a TON of certs so I wish they were worth more) on 29 May 01:38 collapse

You’re probably right. In this market even the perfect candidate has a tough time. I’ll still probably go for the AWS certs (I have been eyeing the specialities for a while now) along with maybe CISSP if I find the time for it. Security isn’t actually my main focus but I try to bring it along in everything I do at work (and annoy a fair number of people as a result hehe) on 31 May 18:11 collapse

What are some good resources to learn for Network+ and Security+? I want to do Security+ but people have told me that it’ll need Network+ concepts too. So I’ll start learning with Network+. on 03 Jun 13:45 collapse

Pretty much everyone recommends this on 03 Jun 20:43 collapse

Oh that looks like a really good website. Thanks for sharing! :)