Off-Topic Friday
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Wanna chat about something non-infosec amongst those of us who frequent /c/cybersecurity? Here’s your chance! (Keep things civil & respectful please)


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Did anyone else have fun with Check Point this week?

On May 28, 2024, Check Point issued an advisory about a zero-day vulnerability, CVE-2024-24919, affecting Check Point Security Gateways. This high-severity information disclosure vulnerability can be exploited to gain unauthorised access to sensitive information on systems with remote Access VPN or Mobile Access Software Blades enabled. on 01 Jun 08:36 collapse

I have enough fun as a FortiNet admin. Please don’t add to my workload. on 01 Jun 09:03 collapse

We have both Check Point and Fortinet for more fun. on 31 May 18:02 collapse

What’s a technology or process change that you’ve really appreciated making everyone’s life easier? on 01 Jun 08:36 next collapse

SSO. on 03 Jun 13:44 collapse

Don’t know if this counts for what you were looking for but bluetooth headphones are a game changer for me. Cleaning around the house, at the gym, on a run, etc… Very freeing compared to having the wire running into my pocket. on 04 Jun 16:29 collapse

It counts! I remember finally deciding to invest in headphones that I could easily replace the cables first.

Bluetooth for music is great. Bluetooth turning into “why does my headset change to cruddy codecs 20-30m into a meeting” … no so much!