invidtui - An opensource cross-platform Invidious client v0.3.8 is released (
from to on 30 Jan 09:11

Hello Lemmy,

invidtui is a TUI-based Invidious client, which can:

This release contains the following new features/fixes:

Dynamic theming

Themes can now be applied from theme files dynamically within the application as well as from command-line and configuration options.

A demo and instructions are posted here

Channel ‘Releases’ tab

A new ‘releases’ tab is added to the channel page, to show new content from channel authors.

Enhanced configuration handling

Configuration handling is now done in the most cross-platform way as possible.

I hope you enjoy this release, and any feedback is appreciated.

#golang on 30 Jan 10:06 collapse

🔍 beginning search for any references to rust, vim, mechanical keyboards, functional programming, and/or monadic bros (be they supermonads or regular).

Great job! This could be very useful. Will have to test!