We're looking for GoLang Contributors
from jgrim@discuss.online to golang@programming.dev on 29 May 01:27

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We’re looking for GoLang contributors to help with the federation service. We’re happy to have people that contribute code or help with code reviews.

If you know anyone or if you’re interested please reach out!

Email: hello@sublinks.org Mastodon: utter.online/@sublinks Online form: sublinks.org/join_organization.html

Thanks, jgrim


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Corbin@programming.dev on 29 May 17:05 collapse

I gather that Sublinks is an ActivityPub service similar to Lemmy, intended for hosting communities of link-sharers and discussions. I also gather that this is the repo where work will happen.

I see that you’re taking donations. How are those donations used? A short blurb about spending would improve transparency.