Creating a more sustainable model for oapi-codegen in the future (
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Amazing coincidence! I’ve been working on a project using OpenAPI at work and have come across several of your blog posts. I’ve been testing both oapi-codegen and ogen. Lots to like about both but, while oapi-codegen doesn’t have a “proper” website, its docs and examples are much more comprehensible. That and adding std lib http support is just amazing.

I may have some contributions to make based upon internal tooling that I wrote to enable enable support for external refs and the like. Have to check-in with legal once I’ve got the current project out the door.

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Awesome to hear!

I’ve only recently done the revamp of the docs we’ve got so glad to hear they’ve been useful.

External ref tweaks (and other contributions) are always welcome, it’s always a case of how soon I’ll be able to get to them, I’m still working my way through our backlog from a few years ago and trying to get them merged or closed 😅