Kernel 6.6.6 is out 😈 (
from to on 11 Dec 2023 12:40

This is the update metalhead nerds have been waiting for.


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Here is an alternative Piped link(s):

Piped is a privacy-respecting open-source alternative frontend to YouTube.

I’m open-source; check me out at GitHub. on 11 Dec 2023 12:53 next collapse

I knew what it was, but I clicked it anyway. Not disappointed. on 11 Dec 2023 13:29 collapse

Right!? on 11 Dec 2023 13:28 next collapse

Absolute classic! on 11 Dec 2023 13:46 collapse

yyyyYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh! on 11 Dec 2023 12:56 next collapse

It’s a fancy number, but the release only fixes some wifi regressions. Nothing wild. on 11 Dec 2023 13:15 next collapse

Yeah, metal as fuck WiFi regressions! on 11 Dec 2023 14:53 collapse

6.6.5 has been a massive pain in the ass with the MTK wifi in my asus g14. very happy this got released quickly, no more deadlocks! on 11 Dec 2023 13:21 next collapse

I mean, wifi drivers have to be made from demonic arts. on 11 Dec 2023 13:30 collapse

As printers on 11 Dec 2023 13:32 collapse

I don’t even want to imagine printing over wifi drivers… on 11 Dec 2023 13:40 collapse

Damn! on 11 Dec 2023 13:38 next collapse

I had been trying out Linux and finally decided to install it to my ssd. The timing ended up such that I got the wifi issues on the new install but not my old one, and they basically make the OS unusable. I didn’t realise any of this and am new so did heaps of reinstalling and searching trying to figure out what had gone wrong since it was all fine when it was installed on my HDD.

I finally found some forum posts and bug reports about this after wasting a day assuming it was something I’d done wrong 😂.

Gonna stick to lts kernel from now on I think. 6.6.6 seemed pretty fitting to me, even if it was 6.6.5 that actually broke it. on 11 Dec 2023 14:23 collapse

My friend has been complaining about this! Glad to see it fixed on 11 Dec 2023 13:07 next collapse

Finally, our time has come on 11 Dec 2023 13:14 next collapse

Daemons Unleashed on 11 Dec 2023 13:18 next collapse

FreeBSD is now obsolete on 11 Dec 2023 13:35 next collapse

\m/ on 11 Dec 2023 13:40 next collapse

“The number of the beast!!” on 11 Dec 2023 15:04 collapse

The kernel of the Fix! on 11 Dec 2023 13:46 next collapse

Wait, crap! I’m already on 6.7.0-rc4 v.v Not gonna accept a lower number just to hail Satan a little extra 🤷‍♀️

Besides, 6.7 might have something neat in it. I’m not weird, you’re weird!

~…~ ~I~ ~use~ ~Arch~ ~and/or~ ~Gentoo~ ~bytheway~ <.< on 11 Dec 2023 13:57 next collapse

The kernel I didn’t even know I needed on 11 Dec 2023 14:03 collapse

lol on 11 Dec 2023 14:05 next collapse

🤘LETS GOOOOO🤘 on 11 Dec 2023 14:20 next collapse

We need a petition to make this LTS. on 12 Dec 2023 00:33 collapse

Long Term Satan? on 12 Dec 2023 01:28 collapse

No, because he has already sent the beast with wrath.
— because he knows the time is short.

In any case, let him who have understanding
reckon the kernel of the beast;
for it is a human number;
not a semver number. So don’t worry about it. \

yieeeeeeaaaaaaaahhh on 12 Dec 2023 02:40 collapse

for it is a human number;

for it is a binary number
its number is 0000001010011010 on 11 Dec 2023 14:52 next collapse

Is it time to start shit posting on myfacespace about the satanic computers running the world already? on 11 Dec 2023 15:15 next collapse

Missed opportunity to bake Doom into the kernel as an Easter Egg. on 11 Dec 2023 15:21 collapse

“to compile the kernel you must kill me, Linus Romero” on 11 Dec 2023 20:44 collapse

… I thought Lunix was invented by the infamous Soviet computer hacker Linyos Torovoltos. on 11 Dec 2023 20:58 collapse

It’s an old meme but it checks out. Older than some of the people in this community haha

For anyone that hasn’t seen it, it’s a reference to this satirical article from 2001:…/2001.12.2.42056.2147.html on 11 Dec 2023 23:31 next collapse

Man I’ve seen derivatives of this stuff, but this must be the OG post - thanks for that!

I thought the whole Lunix thing came from the elite hacker JEFF.K!!!11 so I’m chuffed there’s another level to this! on 12 Dec 2023 01:43 collapse

It’s funny because the first time I read it, I thought it was serious and was just written by a tech-illiterate parent. Saying that Comet Cursor and Bonzi Buddy are hacker software kinda gives away that it’s just satire though.

oh I guess that’s also something that younger people may not know about… In the late 1990s / early 2000s, it wasn’t uncommon for people to install spyware to get things like custom mouse cursors, emoticons, and purple gorillas that help you navigate the web. on 12 Dec 2023 17:57 collapse

Another mirror has the original comments. They’re exactly what you’d expect from 2001. on 12 Dec 2023 00:52 collapse

If you see the word “LILO” during your windows startup (just after you turn the machine on), your son has installed lunix.

Wow, that’s a blast from the past! Completely forgot that LILO used to be a thing. on 12 Dec 2023 01:34 collapse

I remember dealing with migrating from LILO to GRUB when I was in high school, maybe 2005ish? It’s been a while. I remember the migration from ipchains to iptables, too (which is happening again now with the iptables to nftables migration)

I used Ubuntu at the time… It was a great distro back then. I only had dial-up so couldn’t download large files easily, and Canonical or one of their local partners would mail you a CD for free regardless of where you lived in the world. I think that helped a LOT of people get into Linux. on 12 Dec 2023 02:04 collapse

Similar experiences here. I remember waiting for the free CDs bundles with monthly magzines, and add then I’d the CD as a mirror in my repos to update my packages lol on 12 Dec 2023 17:23 collapse

Ubuntu was the distribution that had me switch from dual-booting with Windows as default to dual-booting with Linux as default.

I also remember ordering an actual Ubuntu disc, with the extra donation to fund the mailing for free program.

Now years later after lots of distro-hopping I just run Ubuntu LTS, and stay on the very boring LTS branch. on 11 Dec 2023 15:35 next collapse

Six Six Six, The kernel of the beast.
Hell and fire was spawned to be released

Boards blazed and reviewed codes were praised
As they start to try, hands held to the sky
In the night, the coffee is burning hot
The commit has begun, Linus work is done on 11 Dec 2023 15:36 next collapse

feat: on 11 Dec 2023 16:48 collapse

Hehehehe on 11 Dec 2023 20:33 collapse

This can’t go on, I must inform the Hurd,
Can this monolith be real, or just some crazy dream?
But I feel drawn towards the GPL-2,
Seem to mesmerize, can’t avoid Tivoization! on 12 Dec 2023 02:39 next collapse

omg hahaha this was amazing! on 12 Dec 2023 13:38 collapse

I’m coming back, I will return
And I’ll possess your daemons and make your CPU burn
I have ring 0, I have your cores
I have the power to make my evil take its course on 11 Dec 2023 15:37 next collapse

Can’t wait for someone extremely religious question if they should update to this cursed version. on 11 Dec 2023 15:50 next collapse

“Trinity Desktop will not function on this version of Linux” on 11 Dec 2023 17:15 next collapse

Time to make the switch to TempleOS. on 11 Dec 2023 17:51 collapse

We’ll wait until 7.7.7 so all of the religious folk switch to linux

[deleted] on 11 Dec 2023 16:12 next collapse

. on 11 Dec 2023 17:16 next collapse

Fuck yea, here we go on 11 Dec 2023 19:17 collapse

But- but mah FreeBSD 👿 on 11 Dec 2023 21:06 next collapse

Lol. on 11 Dec 2023 22:15 collapse

You’ll have to wait for FreeBSD 66.6, which may happen in a few decades on 11 Dec 2023 16:29 next collapse

Wished they dropped this on the 13th 👀 on 11 Dec 2023 17:00 next collapse

I’m not installing this… Scary. Will wait for 6.6.7 in a few days. :) on 11 Dec 2023 17:43 next collapse

the kernel that lives across the street on 12 Dec 2023 14:28 collapse

Neighbor of the beast. on 11 Dec 2023 20:17 next collapse

I’m not gonna update to any other kernel

[deleted] on 12 Dec 2023 00:19 collapse

. on 11 Dec 2023 19:47 next collapse

Ubuntu Satanic Edition’s favourite kernel. on 12 Dec 2023 00:54 collapse

And blacklisted by Ubuntu Christian Edition. on 12 Dec 2023 07:46 next collapse

Amen on 12 Dec 2023 09:37 collapse

Lol, I really thought that this is satirical 😂 but now it seems so real, I’m confused. on 12 Dec 2023 16:50 collapse

It kind of makes sense. First I’ve ever heard about Ubuntu Christian Edition as well, but it seems to mostly be set up with filtering in mind, with the DNS tools and such. Add in productivity software aimed at preaching I guess, and you have a “safe” OS for kids and the laptop hooked up to the projector at a church. on 11 Dec 2023 20:08 next collapse

Yay, happy hail Satan day everyone. I remember when Intel chickened out and rounded up their 666 megahertz pentium 3 processors to report as being 667 megahertz. Absolute cowards, no wonder China is kicking their ass. on 11 Dec 2023 21:50 collapse

Iirc it’s a thing for hotels to not have a room number 13. on 12 Dec 2023 09:33 next collapse

And that there is no version 9: no windows 9 no iPhone 9 etc. I think it’s s unlucky number somewhere in Asia on 12 Dec 2023 12:01 collapse

iirc the no windows 9 thing was actually because a lot of software ran a compatibility check like:

if windows version = “windows 9*” then open legacy mode

This worked for software written for newer windows like xp but still allowing a legacy mode on older windows versions like 95 and 98. Problem was this also put that same software running on windows 9 into legacy mode. So they called it windows 10 to sidestep the compatibility issues. on 12 Dec 2023 12:21 next collapse

It’s great to see to what lengths Microsoft goes to keep backwards compatibility. Compared to how a minor glibc update broke Linux apps without much warning. Without supporting legacy workflows I don’t think Microsoft would’ve had the market share they have today. on 12 Dec 2023 14:37 collapse

I believe that’s apocryphal… Some people came up with that theory on twitter, but AFAIK it’s not been confirmed. It only matters in some edge cases of an edge case.

And let’s be real, if backwards compatibility really mattered, they could have made the API return “Nine” or “IX” or whatever and used “9” everywhere else in the UI, marketing, packaging, whatever.

The real reason is probably the simplest and stupidest: Microsoft’s marketing department got impatient and went for the big round number because 10>9. Also why NVIDIA went 9xx->10xx->20xx… bigger number = better, it’s really that mind-numbingly stupid. on 12 Dec 2023 12:05 collapse

In Japan it is number 4 because sound like their word for death (something among those lines) on 12 Dec 2023 12:28 collapse

which is kinda stupid because they have two words for 4 (shi and yon) and only shi sounds like death. on 12 Dec 2023 13:03 next collapse

Well, what superstition isn’t stupid? on 12 Dec 2023 14:36 collapse

If it’s anything like Korean (and it probably is), it’s specific when you can use each version of the word so it’s not like you could simply swap shi for yon on 11 Dec 2023 20:55 next collapse

😈😈😈😈😈👹👹👹 on 11 Dec 2023 21:33 next collapse

If this post gets 666 upvotes hell will definitely break loose lol on 12 Dec 2023 09:58 collapse

I… We did it.Got the 666th… ground rumbles, and ruptures bringing forth the second comming of the year of the linux desktop on 11 Dec 2023 22:59 next collapse

🤘🏻 on 12 Dec 2023 03:34 collapse


[deleted] on 11 Dec 2023 23:48 next collapse

. on 11 Dec 2023 23:51 next collapse

Proof that the Linux kernel is the Debil! on 12 Dec 2023 00:12 collapse

pacman -Sy base-devil ‼️‼️ on 12 Dec 2023 00:37 collapse

yay devil 😈

Edit: For those who don’t use Arch ~bytheway~, yay is an “AUR helper:” basically a frontend for our package manager that adds support for building packages from source. on 12 Dec 2023 01:02 collapse

Hail, SATAN! on 12 Dec 2023 16:46 collapse

SATAN’s popularity diminished after the 1990s.

Wikipedia quote of the day. on 12 Dec 2023 00:57 next collapse

And here’s a customary video of metalhead nerds celebrating. on 12 Dec 2023 00:57 collapse

Here is an alternative Piped link(s):

customary video

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does this mean steve ballmer was right? on 12 Dec 2023 01:42 collapse

Oh wow I didn’t realize he repeated ‘developers, developers, …’ 666 times on that event. on 12 Dec 2023 02:14 next collapse

I CAN FINALLY GO TO HELL! 🔥 on 12 Dec 2023 03:27 next collapse

Tell me why I should upgrade from my Linux 4.20 kernel on 12 Dec 2023 14:37 collapse


[deleted] on 12 Dec 2023 09:05 next collapse

. on 12 Dec 2023 10:45 next collapse

now we can merge the bsd source tree on 12 Dec 2023 10:58 next collapse

There’s a song 6.66 (1/100th of the number of the beast)

But nothing for 6.6.6 on 12 Dec 2023 10:58 next collapse

Here is an alternative Piped link(s):

There’s a song 6.66 (1/100th of the number of the beast)

Piped is a privacy-respecting open-source alternative frontend to YouTube.

I’m open-source; check me out at GitHub. on 12 Dec 2023 13:42 collapse

Iron Maiden would like to have a word with you on 12 Dec 2023 13:42 collapse

Here is an alternative Piped link(s):

Iron Maiden would like to have a word with you

Piped is a privacy-respecting open-source alternative frontend to YouTube.

I’m open-source; check me out at GitHub. on 12 Dec 2023 12:51 next collapse

Does it come with vi (vi vi)? on 12 Dec 2023 13:10 next collapse

Going to lock this version with versionlock and keep it permanently on 13 Dec 2023 08:19 collapse

How about just fork it, remove all previous tags and commits, then form a cult around the repo.

They say if you compile it at midnight the caves in Russia that are said to emanate the sound of hell starts sounding like a 56k modem. on 12 Dec 2023 13:20 next collapse

None of you read Hebrew. Wrong Number. on 31 Dec 2023 09:58 collapse

What’s the right one? on 31 Dec 2023 10:06 collapse

616 on 31 Dec 2023 10:09 collapse

Cool. An example, for the curious. on 31 Dec 2023 10:24 collapse

I don’t give a flying fuck about anything NT. They have more changes to that book than there are letters in it.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t take the OT with any literality either but at least they didn’t make edits like that so there really is some attribution that can be handed to the writers back in the day. Notably, that they actually wrote that. I don’t really go any further than that though.

Do you know how we have knowledge of that level of accuracy in what we can read today?

Also, that, because I do have zero belief in anything, ever. That’s like paying donating to a guy to rape your kids. Literally. on 12 Dec 2023 13:32 next collapse

The end times have arrived. on 12 Dec 2023 14:42 collapse

“It’s all for you daemon!”