Redox OS: Development Priorities for 2023/24 (
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This isn’t technically Linux, but I couldn’t find a better place to post this. Redox is looking like a very neat project and less of a tech demo.


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I like seeing ambitious projects like this, even if it doesn’t work out in the long run. It’s good learning, and for the same reason we need more options for a browser, more options for an OS only makes things better for everyone. Also Pop_OS is a pretty cool project if you can ignore the drama lol. I’m excited to see what Cosmic desktop ends up being on 07 Oct 2023 10:28 collapse

What ‘drama’ do you mean? I know only the LTT drama. on 07 Oct 2023 13:42 collapse…/hk14j4j/

I linked to his reply but the content of the post is also worth a read. Long story short arrogant beef between open source hot shots on 07 Oct 2023 18:04 next collapse

They are porting COSMIC? That’s insane! If they can actually pull off their goals for 23/24 I’d be looking to try RedoxOS on physical hardware.

Edit: I will admit I confused RedoxOS with ReactOS, though on 08 Oct 2023 16:11 next collapse

Adding support for COSMIC, Qt, and GTK sounds impressive but all it really means is adding support for Wayland. I mean adding Wayland support is impressive enough but the rest kind of come for free.

The same is true of relibc really. I mean, once you have matured the C library, POSIX support is a layup and everything else flows from that.

I really like the idea of Relibc as the benefits of Rust would be very welcome in something as foundational as the C library. It would be interesting to see it used by a Linux distro.

Interesting to see that Redox will use GCC. Given that Rust / LLVM are so foundational to the system, I am surprised their main C / C++ compiler is not Clang. on 09 Oct 2023 12:03 collapse

Does redox work as a web browser OS? A.k.a for web browsing and some light programming… like, has it gotten to the point where it’s useable for that? on 09 Oct 2023 12:40 collapse

I doubt it’s stable, it’s a very experimental project. It’s best that you get a light Linux distro if you’re looking for something like that. on 09 Oct 2023 13:47 collapse

Ik, I already use a light Linux distro for that, I’m just curious about redox and have been curious about it for a while