Video editor for Linux?
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I’m looking for a program that can cut video, adjust exposure levels, color correct, stabilize and encode.
I’ve never done anything like this before, so ease of use would be great. But if there’s an established standard program (like Gimp for photos), I’ll learn it. Any suggestions would be helpful.


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The only one I know of is kdenlive, not sure of it can do all of that but it has always been enough for everything I needed for video editing. on 09 Dec 2023 07:44 next collapse

You could try and

I haven’t done much editing, but they are fairly popular and decent tools. They also come as an AppImage, which means they pretty much ‘just work.’

And gets a mention for transcoding. on 09 Dec 2023 07:44 next collapse

If it works on your setup, DaVinci resolve. If not, Kdenlive. Those are the only really professional video editing programs available at the moment. on 09 Dec 2023 16:00 collapse

There’s Lightworks, too, although it’s geared toward the editing process. I like it, though, and have been able to make it work for general video editing. The color correction tools are better than Kdenlive and not as good as DaVinci Resolve, but unlike Resolve, it will decode/encode H.264 and AAC. It’s powerful without being quite as overwhelming as Resolve can be for newbies. There’s no advanced setup involved unlike Resolve. The playback is responsive even with 4K footage. Kdenlive is great too, if you don’t need more advanced features or are working with a lot of 4K footage. on 09 Dec 2023 07:58 next collapse

  • Kdenlive
  • Openshot
  • Shotcut
  • Pitivi on 09 Dec 2023 08:19 next collapse

I (very occasionally) use Kdenlive. I think it’s pretty good. on 09 Dec 2023 08:40 next collapse

Nobody mentioned Olive yet, that one is very good, though I’m always concerned about the continuation of its development. on 09 Dec 2023 09:23 next collapse

Kdenlive or Shotcut, or if you want something more powerful but not open source, Davinci resolve. on 09 Dec 2023 10:19 collapse

Thanks. I tried both, and Shotcut was the one where I actually understood how to import, edit and export a video without consulting the manual, so I’m going with that. on 09 Dec 2023 10:22 next collapse

You’ve probably got your answer already, but just wanting to confirm that Kdenlive can do all the things you listed.

Though the editor itself is very easy to use and obvious (if you previously have used premiere etc), you might find the UI for some of the individual effects a bit confusing. There’s tool tips and sometimes help videos and stuff, but you might find yourself dragging a few sliders left and right to find out what they actually do :)

Note that generally speaking, Kdenlive doesn’t currently support graphics-card-accelerated timeline preview very well, so if you’re packing on the effects, you might not get real-time playback in the timeline without “preview rendering”. If you ever used Premiere 20 years ago, it works the same as that.

From memory, Olive has the best “in-timeline” graphics card acceleration - but is otherwise at a much earlier stage of development.

As others have mentioned, some or all of these are also doable in Shotcut, Openshot, Olive.

Also, you might be interested in TJFree Tutorials on YouTube, which has a playlist of Kdenlive tutorials - for older versions, but it’s mostly going to be the same. He also has tutorials in loads of other FOSS creative software. I found he tended to be “clear and efficient” and doesn’t take 5 minutes to give you 1 minute’s information. on 09 Dec 2023 10:23 next collapse

Here is an alternative Piped link(s):

TJFree Tutorials

Piped is a privacy-respecting open-source alternative frontend to YouTube.

I’m open-source; check me out at GitHub. on 09 Dec 2023 10:25 collapse

Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind if I need to do more.
Currently, I just have a 5 minute clip that needs cutting, stabilizing and some color correction, and Shotcut let me do that without tutorials or manuals. on 09 Dec 2023 11:47 collapse

Brilliant - I’ll have to have a look at Shotcut again. It used to be quite “crashy”, but it’s been in solid continual development for a few years now.

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. on 09 Dec 2023 11:57 next collapse

Blender? on 09 Dec 2023 12:10 collapse

Yeah, Blender. This piece of software never ceases to amaze me. on 09 Dec 2023 21:39 collapse

Me waiting for the VSE update: 💀

It’s underrated, but it has so much untouched potential to make it really shine and it is unfortunately still a bit unintuitive to use.

I wonder if it will ever get some love again by the devs, because it’s clear that the focus is 99% on the 3D aspect of things right now and it will most likely be so for a long time to come, for good reasons of course, the advancements there have been astounding and really needed because they’re THE libre 3D animation software, while there are already other established libre video editors out there, so there is less necessity. But I still believe that if Blender was to ever give a refresh to the VSE, it would immediately outclass all the other options on 09 Dec 2023 11:35 next collapse

I had the most luck with shotcut. I’ve been meaning to try kdenlive again though but there were a few fx I needed that immediately apparent in shotcut that I could not find quickly in kdenlive.

I suspect kdenlive has it covered but timelines dictated that I not change horses mid race, and I haven’t got back to retry.

Basically, either is good! on 10 Dec 2023 10:36 collapse

Shotcut is great, especially because ffmpeg, GPU acceleration and very easy to learn workflows (although admittedly not so intuitive that you get them right away).

I don’t know about Kdenlive, but I tried Openshot and found it to be much slower and lacking functionality, although it’s even easier to use for the basics. on 10 Dec 2023 13:50 collapse

I actually want to give kdenlive another shot. But since I already figured out the keyframe mechanics in shotcut it was a too tall an order to relearn a new WY to do it in short order (clock was ticking for me to get a video done for a kid’s b-day!) on 09 Dec 2023 13:34 next collapse

I used shotcut a lot and it’s fantastic. on 09 Dec 2023 13:48 next collapse

cinelerra on 09 Dec 2023 21:28 collapse

Huh, how come I’ve never heard about this, but it looks so professional (?), at least for the website presentation.
Is it better than the common Kdenlive and Blender in your experience? on 10 Dec 2023 17:46 collapse

I honestly have no idea. But I discovered it a decade ago when I needed to process a short film. Haven’t touched it since. on 10 Dec 2023 18:10 collapse

That’s fair, it looks like it has a long history behind it in fact, maybe I’ll try it as well. Thanks for the interesting suggestion! on 09 Dec 2023 14:03 next collapse

I was both surprised and impressed with Kdenlive. on 09 Dec 2023 14:04 next collapse

Openshot for me. It’s very lightweight and hassle-free. on 09 Dec 2023 14:31 next collapse

+1 for kdenlive on 09 Dec 2023 18:01 collapse

I used Sony Vegas/what ever it’s called now for years, moving to kdenlive was pretty painless and I don’t feel like I’m missing any features. on 09 Dec 2023 14:36 next collapse

I’ve found Shotcut to be more stable than Kdenlive. Tho I haven’t tried the latest kdenlive yet. Both have glaxnimate support so motion graphics is possible with both. on 09 Dec 2023 16:40 next collapse

For sure try out olive You can’t do automatic stabilization but manual works fine, However I will always use gyroflow whenever possible anyways. If needed you can easily script motion tracking data from 3rd party sources.

but it is properly color managed throughout the entire editor so doing color correction works properly and accurately. the node system is really powerful despite it’s early nature, and as far as I know olive is the only FOSS editor with proper OCIO integration, which means you get industry standard color management tooling including things like ACES support. You also have OTIO support for importing and exporting editorial cutting information. on 09 Dec 2023 16:41 next collapse

In addition to all of the open source options that have been offered, Davinci Resolve runs well on Linux and has all of the above features (and many, many more). It’s also a buy once keep forever situation rather than a subscription since they make their real money on hardware. OSS it isn’t, but it’s incredibly powerful, has an extensive free (as in beer) edition and beats the hell out of paying a monthly fee. on 09 Dec 2023 17:43 collapse

As for DaVinci Resolve, installation can be a bit weird if you don’t happen to run one of the officially supported Distros. Because of that, the easiest way to run it is probably via DistroBox, Michael Horn made a great tutorial about that: on 09 Dec 2023 17:43 next collapse

Here is an alternative Piped link(s):

Piped is a privacy-respecting open-source alternative frontend to YouTube.

I’m open-source; check me out at GitHub. on 09 Dec 2023 18:55 next collapse

Are there distro-specific issues? I’ve always just downloaded the zip and run the installer with no issues. on 09 Dec 2023 19:27 collapse

Personal example: Fedora (38 - 39). Resolve uses libs which depends on some older versions of a lib, which they don't ship in the installer.
So I had to replace the depending libs so that Resolve can run with Fedoras more recent libs. on 09 Dec 2023 19:43 collapse

Good to know. Thanks. on 09 Dec 2023 22:05 collapse

No Flatpak available? on 09 Dec 2023 23:10 collapse

It wouldn’t be trivial to package such a big app as a flatpak (or snap for that matter) and also maintain it properly, so as long as the original developers don’t do the work I think it is unlikely to happen. But for a tool that I’m going to be using a lot in the future I think it makes sense to invest the time once to install it, even if it’s a bit more complicated. on 09 Dec 2023 18:37 next collapse

You ever try KDENLive? It’s pretty good imo on 09 Dec 2023 21:25 next collapse

Am I the only one who kind of likes the video editing profile Blender has? on 10 Dec 2023 00:32 collapse

TIL Blender has video editing on 10 Dec 2023 00:45 collapse

blender is almost like the emacs of multimedia software, it’s got 3d modeling and rendering, 3d animation, grease paint (2d animation), non-linear video editing, and probably other features i haven’t heard of. on 09 Dec 2023 23:06 next collapse

Pitivi I use. Like feature lacking Adobe Premiere it is. on 09 Dec 2023 23:58 collapse

Why talk like this do you? on 10 Dec 2023 09:21 next collapse

A lot to learn you have, Padawan. on 10 Dec 2023 18:15 collapse

For me the problem I don’t see on 10 Dec 2023 00:04 next collapse

If you want a very simple editor, try avidemux. on 10 Dec 2023 00:24 next collapse

Kdenlive is great, I’ve been editing a lot of my videos on there and some shorts on YouTube. It’s got a pretty unappealing UI but one you get to know and figure out where everything is you can get some content out :) on 10 Dec 2023 00:53 next collapse

If you’re familiar with blender, it works pretty well but renders slow on 10 Dec 2023 02:01 next collapse


Openshot on 10 Dec 2023 21:35 collapse

+1 for openshot if you need a no frills editor. on 10 Dec 2023 07:25 next collapse

I’ve used Kdenlive for my personal projects and in a professional setting. It’s easier to install than Divinci Resolve and almost as powerful. on 10 Dec 2023 10:37 next collapse

I just use KDEnlive. on 10 Dec 2023 18:15 collapse

Ahhh, so that’s why its called Kdenlive on 11 Dec 2023 06:34 collapse

I think everyone calls it kden-live right? on 11 Dec 2023 14:00 collapse

I do on 10 Dec 2023 11:35 next collapse

Pitivi is really nice on 10 Dec 2023 11:52 next collapse

Kdenlive is preety good now on 10 Dec 2023 12:59 next collapse

I know Blender can do at least some of this on windows. I assume the same is true on linux? on 11 Dec 2023 07:40 collapse

Yes but it’s not primarily a video editing app. Also Blender is kinda hard to learn and doing so just for video editing would be overkill on 10 Dec 2023 18:14 next collapse

Kdenlive is what I used a while back when I was editing a video. You also can do it with ffmpeg from the command line if your a real chad on 11 Dec 2023 06:24 next collapse

Kdenlive’s pretty good. on 11 Dec 2023 08:47 next collapse

For whatever reason, many of the editors mentioned here never worked for me … like OpenShot, ShotCut or PiTiVi were really unstable the last time I tried (might be a distro or DE thing). Also I found it hard to cut precisely when they worked. Lightworks, Da Vinci, Cinelerra, I had a hard time getting them to run. Maybe that changed in the meantime.

I ultimately stuck with Kdenlive, which is stable enough and allows for reasonably precise cutting. on 11 Dec 2023 09:00 collapse

+1 kdenlive. However, I can see why it’s no sufficient solution for everyone