bluetuith - A TUI based bluetooth manager v0.1.7 is released (
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Hello Lemmy,

Bluetuith is a TUI based bluetooth manager for Linux, that aims to be an alternative to most bluetooth managers, and can perform bluetooth based operations like:

This release contains the following new features:

I hope you enjoy this release, and any feedback is appreciated.


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Handle both PANU and DUN based networking for each bluetooth device

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Coming at this from a very basic level, but I’m wondering if this could help me.

I have such an unnecessarily hard time with Bluetooth. I have all kinds of devices (usually speakers, headphones and such) which I don’t use, because switching them between input devices can be like pulling teeth.

For example:

  • at my desk with my wired headphones watching something in tbe background I’m enjoying
  • need to do something at my workbench, which has a chromecast on a monitor
  • I can cast the video there, but I don’t want to use the big speakers because it’s late
  • my small wireless speaker is paired to my phone, I can’t remember how to re-pair, don’t want to go through Chromecast settings
  • same with my earbuds
  • end up ‘watching’ on my phone because it’s too much effort to use the actual TV!

I’ve been thinking about making a physical central BT ‘broadcaster’ which I pair everything to. It would be able to take multiple aux or bluetooth inputs, and would have a switch or mixer to control the inputs.

Would something like this help with any of those issues without having to build something like that (which also wouldn’t be optimal)?

Im on mobile, and some of those features have gone way over my head!

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This looks great for headless devices. A Debian ARM package would be nice, just to keep it updated easier since it seems active. on 03 Sep 2023 17:16 collapse

Bluetuith is the only Bluetooth manager I’ve found that allows me to manage Bluetooth on my laptop. Most others I’ve tried just get stuck on a hardware disabled Bluetooth device while another one is perfectly useable. Thank’s for creating this awesome tool