Four Kinds of Optimisation (
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  1. too early optimization
  2. optimization once performance bottlenecks are found
  3. TBD
  4. TBD

All jokes aside, I like the way this article breaks down types of optimizations. Especially the forth, as that tends to be the answer on occasion. on 22 Nov 2023 02:28 collapse

I feel like he jumped into “hard” optimisation too fast.

I would say when you find code running slow, first you do:

  • only do nessesarry work, if we only need to look up a persons name we do not need to load all and everything and their image for that person from a DB, File or alike (fewer calls)

  • dont do the same work twice, if you already calculated something you might not need to calculate it twice (example: caching)

then if perfromance is still an issue, do what he suggests in the article :)