Playing Mario Bros. (Atari 2600). How about you?
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That’s Mario Bros., but fun game regardless. on 08 Aug 2023 00:44 next collapse

Came here to say the exact same thing lol on 08 Aug 2023 00:49 collapse

Oops, changed! I've got a serious case of dumb today. on 08 Aug 2023 01:30 next collapse

I’m playing the first Final Fantasy, I somehow have never beaten it! on 08 Aug 2023 11:44 collapse

Enjoy! It’s a great start to the series. I played the GBA version for the first time this year and it was worth completing. on 08 Aug 2023 02:01 next collapse

Mario Kart 8 with my kids but I’ll probably break out the Game Gear when everyone is finally in bed! on 08 Aug 2023 02:04 next collapse

Megamania. on 08 Aug 2023 02:06 next collapse

Maaaaario, where are yooou? on 08 Aug 2023 02:06 next collapse

Here is an alternative Piped link(s):

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I’m open-source, check me out at GitHub. on 08 Aug 2023 06:01 collapse

Notice how they always showed the 5200 graphics in their commercials? on 08 Aug 2023 03:01 next collapse

Thanks for sharing! I didn't even know it was ported to Atari. I was too busy playing Kangaroo constantly. on 08 Aug 2023 03:47 next collapse

Wow! Its exactly like having the arcade in your living room! on 08 Aug 2023 06:00 next collapse

Playing Bomberman Quest and really enjoying it. on 08 Aug 2023 06:00 collapse

Nice! on 08 Aug 2023 08:33 next collapse

just rolling Donky Kong Game & Watch on a DS lite on 08 Aug 2023 12:25 collapse

Oh shit - that reminds me. I still have an original Game & Watch - Multi Screen - DONKEY KONG II somewhere in a drawer :D on 10 Aug 2023 15:50 collapse

I forgot they made that. Last retro game I played was Pikmin for Gamecube.