Here's the original Fallout on a Nintendo 3DS (
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I’ve had the first Fallout for years, but it’s always ran too crappy on my PC

Maybe upgrade your PC after 25 years. on 03 Jun 21:39 next collapse

Shit, how do I do it?? on 03 Jun 22:20 collapse on 04 Jun 01:48 next collapse

They mention using L and R for mouse clicks, but I wonder how the rest of the controls are? Stick and maybe Dpad for cursor seems obvious. But what are the B, Y, X and A buttons doing?

Looks like Select enables Fullscreen… that just confuses the heck out of me. Why wouldn’t it be Fullscreen? on 04 Jun 15:48 collapse

Dang, I don’t like heavy use of the shoulder buttons as those tend to be the first to go. I do want to check it out. As far as fullscreen goes, not sure, but maybe it’s two different resolution options like with Virtual Console games? on 04 Jun 04:27 collapse

But how about Baldur’s Gate 3?

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How’d you get this working? on 10 Jun 12:43 collapse

Moonlight/Sunshine! I wouldn’t recommend actually playing bg3 on it, the graphics are terrible, but it’s a good meme!