A company called GamesCare has created their own version of the Sega Neptune called the GF1 Neptune (retrododo.com)
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Take my money!

mojofrododojo@lemmy.world on 03 Jul 23:14 next collapse

neat - are there any games for it?

wesker@lemmy.sdf.org on 03 Jul 23:16 next collapse

it will play original Sega software in the forms of original Mega Drive and 32X carts, as well as (oh yes) Sega CD games via a hook-up port for the original hardware

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There are typically quite a few to choose from at this point in a console’s life cycle

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A Neptune was going to be a Genesis / MegaDrive with a built in 32X, so yes, there are plenty.

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Is this an FPGA? or just an emulator on a fancy case?

Peffse@lemmy.world on 05 Jul 05:07 collapse

Youtube Trailer says FPGA.

… though the article says that SegaCD support will be from external hookup to the official SegaCD device. So I guess it’s just MD/32X. I was really hoping it might have the full suite.

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<img alt="Image" src="https://media1.tenor.com/m/NHJRLb8m9bEAAAAd/nep-neptunia.gif">

I really hope this wasn’t some guy’s pet project that accidentally got news coverage. I want to order one!

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