Playing Asteroids (2600) on Atari VCS
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Final score: 8310


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That’s the wrong controller for that game. The way to go is with the dial controller.

SOURCE: I beat it on my 2600 as a kid. on 26 Mar 20:22 next collapse

Does the VCS even have a dial controller as an option? Obviously the 2600 original did, but I almost backed the VCS and don’t remember anything other than the paddle and a modern style controller as options. on 26 Mar 21:03 collapse

According to promotional material, the 2021 VCS “Classic Controller” has a twistable joystick for paddle controller functionality. “Paddle” is the usual term for the rotary analog controller, which I think is what is meant by “dial controller” on 26 Mar 21:54 next collapse


I must not remember correctly but I didn't think it was possible to "beat" asteroids. I thought it just went on space... I remember playing one game for hours and hours.

Must be in a mode or difficulty I didn't play. on 26 Mar 22:09 next collapse

It has a maximum score before it restarts the count. I can’t remember what that was. on 28 Mar 18:16 collapse

The old-school term for that was “flipping” a game. Super Mario Brothers and Zelda and the NES era more generally really brought in the concept of “beating” games.

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How did that work? The dial was analog left right and a button.

The thrust on asteroids was digital- on or off forward, left, right and back on the joystick was hyperspace jump.

You couldn’t move or hyper jump if you used the dial. on 28 Mar 18:17 collapse

I don’t think Asteroids was a paddle game at all. on 28 Mar 18:19 collapse

It wasn’t but you could sort of play some joystick games with the paddle. on 27 Mar 00:02 next collapse

The glare/reflection on the screen almost makes it look like Yars’ Revenge on 27 Mar 01:08 next collapse

The best part of retro gaming is the input lag on 03 Apr 15:09 collapse

I think this is one of those new Atari consoles that just has built in games and outputs over hdmi, so hopefully it wouldn’t be as bad.

Still gonna stick to my CRT sets for my classic stuff for as long as I can keep them working personally. on 28 Mar 18:14 collapse

2600 version of Asteroids…

I’m so sorry. So much flicker. I grew up with a 2600 in the house and 8 year old me even had strong opinions about the 7800 being the proper successor, but a lot of 2600 stuff is more interesting as a time capsule than a game.