Games where an emulated console version outclasses the PC port?
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I’m putting a lot of my old games on my steam deck by buying their PC ports whenever they go on sale.

It got me wondering, is anyone aware of games where it’s actually better to run the console version through an emulator than play the native PC version?


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Last I heard, Capcom was retroactively adding DRM to their games which could severely impact compatibility. I don’t get why Mega Man 2 would need to be protected with spyware, but that’s a big corp for you. So yeah, I’d say Capcom games might qualify. on 30 Jun 05:49 collapse

Someone joined a street fighter tournament with a nude Chun Li mod and that made capcom go into full lockdown mode on 30 Jun 10:01 next collapse

the only question I have is regarding how she chooses to groom her pubic hair. I believe I have been pondering this question since I was about 11 years old, and now, so close to the answer, Capcom is trying to harm me on 30 Jun 16:36 next collapse

In two little buns, I’d presume. on 01 Jul 12:42 collapse

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thank you on 30 Jun 11:17 collapse

In the capcom data leak which was way before that, the company was looking to lock down their games to prevent modding because that apparently ruins their image and is considered ‘cheating’. The nude mod at the tournament definitely accelerated their actions, but they always had that plan in mind. on 30 Jun 18:03 collapse

and now look. They’ve got unrelated people online recommending a person doesn’t buy from them because it’ll be a poor experience. Is being detached from reality a requirement for upper management? on 30 Jun 04:52 next collapse

i vaguely recall the retail box version of silent hill 2 or 3 for PC being not all that amazing, and later emulating the Ps2 version was a better option, not to mention the easiest option since both games for PC are not common finds. then again the PC I played Silent hill 2 on wasn’t all that beefy at the time.

maybe any games that originally were for console ported to PC with Denuvo hit this criteria. interesting question! on 30 Jun 13:01 collapse

Silent Hill 2 is a special case. They lost the source code and original asset library for the game, so it’s a remake using assets ripped from the PS2 release copy.

A very, very poorly done and buggy remake that was also underfunded and rushed out the door. on 30 Jun 16:42 collapse

Thanks for jogging my memory! I completely forgot about that core fact 😓. on 30 Jun 04:56 next collapse

Both Tales of Symphonia and Chrono Cross got abysmal PC ports.

Playing the originals in an emulator is definitely a much better experience on 30 Jun 05:06 next collapse

Yeah I fell for that Symphonia port. Big sadge.

It’s apparently gotten better with updates, but I’ve not tried it in awhile and I’d rather just emulate it. on 30 Jun 06:17 collapse

Chrono cross had a PC port?! on 30 Jun 06:58 collapse

Looks like there is a recent port on steam. on 03 Jul 13:52 collapse

I really liked the port, but after they fixed all the bugs. When it first came out it would crash on any steamdeck /Linux systems.

The music is fantastic. on 30 Jun 05:01 next collapse

Giants: Citizen Kabuto. I love the PC version, but the PS2 version–despite looking a lot worse–feels more like a finished game. There are things like elevators that don’t exist in the PC version, cutscenes don’t cut off dialog before it’s finished, and the UI is overall more polished. on 30 Jun 05:36 next collapse

Holy shit, I have not heard that name in many years. Definitely a +1 for reminding me of all the fun I used to have in this title on 30 Jun 11:04 collapse

Oh man, I loved this game. I didn’t know this about the PS2 version. on 30 Jun 05:04 next collapse

Final Fantasy VII. The PC port is kinda bad and PSX emulators are very very good. on 01 Jul 00:19 next collapse

I’ll add FFVIII since the controls are better on PSX. If I remember correctly they lost the source code. In PC you can only move the character in 4 directions or maybe 8, but on psx they can move in full 360 degrees. on 02 Jul 01:01 collapse

VIII’s especially egregious. They should remake it instead of IX purely because it’s the PSX version or a bad port. on 01 Jul 02:04 collapse

This is what I came here to respond. If I recall, there are some good hi-res mods for the PSX emulated versions. on 30 Jun 05:06 next collapse

The console and PC versions of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter are entirely different games, and personally I think the console version is more fun. It emulatable. on 30 Jun 05:31 next collapse

Sometimes the controls are just better on the Emulators at least on older PC ports as they would do dumb stuff like require a mouse / keyboard for menus etc.

On the steam deck in particular when getting steam versions of games with lower steam deck compatibility ratings it often comes down to odd menu issues or controller support. on 30 Jun 05:54 next collapse

Since I prefer controller over mouse and keyboard, it’s a lot of games pre-Xbox One era for me. But that is subjective because a lot of people prefer mouse and keyboard.

Games like Oblivion never had a proper way of getting a controller to work with them on the PC release and any tries to get it to work flat out suck. I’ve tried Steam’s button mapping and even that doesn’t work for a lot of these games. But working through an emulator helps translate my controller to the game with almost no issues.

Considering how the Steam Deck plays and you’re usually using it as a controller unless docked, this would be nearly any game from this time period. on 30 Jun 06:08 next collapse

How has nobody mentioned Sonic Colors yet? on 30 Jun 06:29 next collapse

i would recon this is true more often than not for attempts at 1:1 ports. glitches are more often introduced than fixed in the porting process, so if it isn't deliberately a remaster or offers extra content, you're probably better off with the original in an emulator. if you're interested in mods, it's also worth thinking about where the reverse engineering efforts have been focused- a lot of native PC ports have been picked apart and put back together with bugfixes and new content after the fact

sonic adventure is an example of all of the above. if you want the absolute worst version possible, just buy it off steam. if you want the best version possible, buy it off steam and mod the shit out of it. fan efforts to fix an abysmal port of a port ended up creating an experience that arguably surpasses the original before even getting into all the extra bells and whistles you can mod in

fan ports are also increasingly becoming a thing, so i guess the moral of the story is this: as far as official offerings go, emulation is probably going to be better than a native port, but if a game has enough enthusiastic hackers, then they may have frankensteined something even better together on 30 Jun 06:45 next collapse

I bought Rayman 2 on GOG a few years ago, and it had a hard time recognizing controllers. I even tried launching it through Steam, which usually fixes all controller problems, but it still didn't work. The Dreamcast version still looks good enough, and your controller will definitely work.

Due to licensing issues, Crazy Taxi 2 has a different soundtrack on the PC from the original Dreamcast version. The Dreamcast version is the one with The Offspring.

Sonic 3 has also had music licensing issues, so the version included in Sonic Origins has a different soundtrack. Sonic Origins was also buggy at launch, but I hear that's fixed now. Sonic Origins also adds a bunch of new features though, so this one may be a tossup.

Question for y'all: did anyone buy the recent PC port of Metal Gear Solid 2? It seems to have both a lot of praise and a lot of complaints. on 30 Jun 07:46 next collapse

Extreme G 2 on pc loses the analog steering from N64, which turns out is a big deal. Throwback Entertainment made a port-of-a-port and introduced a speed hack in the launcher menu where you can slow down the game a bit, which helps, but doesn’t fix the issue.

In some other cases like Hexen, there were alterations on console that I find generally more appealing, like an ost remaster or lighting effects.

The Genesis game Zero Tolerance and Dreamcast version of Expendable are games I prefer on console simply because of the control schemes on pc. on 30 Jun 14:11 collapse

Never thought I’d hear someone say anything good about Zero Tolerance’s controls… on 30 Jun 22:47 collapse

Now imagine that, but on a keyboard. No mouse. That’s pc controls for ZT on 01 Jul 21:28 collapse

Yeah, I have it on GOG. It’s terrible controls on both. Lol. on 30 Jun 07:47 next collapse

Persona 3 Portable on 30 Jun 12:35 next collapse

Spider-Man 2 (the Sam Rami movie one) is almost a totally different game.

There is also a ton of between-consoles differences from the SNES/Genesis generation, where games with the same title are sometimes radically different. Jurassic Park, Star Trek TNG, and the Power Rangers brawler come to mind. on 30 Jun 12:49 next collapse

The older Silent Hill games had awful PC versions.

Esp 2. Playing them on a emulator is the way to go. on 30 Jun 12:51 next collapse

I always preferred the SNES version of SimCity to the original PC version. The graphics and music are way better and the gameplay is exactly the same. on 30 Jun 13:03 next collapse

Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 (and their console remasters, DX and Battle).

Mods fix them up and make them better than emulation though. on 30 Jun 21:26 collapse

Wait, is there a SA Mod Manager type of thing / installer / recommended mods for Sonic Adventure 2?? Is the Steam version any good (compared to the Dreamcast version)? Or does it have all the colors wrong and audio messed up? on 30 Jun 17:39 next collapse

A number of Tactics Ogre fans will tell you that the PSP version, whether vanilla or with the One Vision mod, is superior to the recent Reborn PC release. Each version has its pluses and minuses, so it’s largely a matter of taste. The port itself was fine on release, despite the recent trend of SQEX PC ports that were messy on release but were fixed later (like Chrono Trigger and Cross). on 30 Jun 23:20 next collapse

A lot of ubisoft and ea single player games since they don’t need uplay

Case in point Assassins Creed Black flag which requires a login at the start of search session, runs flawlessly on CEMU on 01 Jul 11:11 collapse

As an aside, I hate the injection of these services so much. Got around to playing mirage and this huge likr 20% of screen notification keeps popping up for Uconnect.

Oh how I wish Sony would allow me to block crrtain games from internet access. on 01 Jul 01:13 next collapse

Mega Man X. on 01 Jul 08:01 next collapse

Final Fantasy XIII is an odd case because the emulator is Xbox Backwards Compatibility. It’s apparently better than the PC port. on 01 Jul 13:45 next collapse

Personally, I’d say anything with RetroAchievements support. Why buy new when the classic is still just as good as it was back then? I don’t care much about graphics, though, so remakes don’t typically offer much I care about. I don’t want changes to game mechanics or content, I just want to be able to play it without needing specialized hardware I have to attach to my TV. on 01 Jul 22:10 next collapse

My beloved childhood game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 is much better on the PS2 compared to PC, due to being developed by a different team; having grown up with the PC version, the first time I played the PS2 version it felt like I was playing a remake because it’s almost a completely different game. on 01 Jul 22:42 collapse

Oh that’s why it felt completely different when I tried it out recently. on 01 Jul 23:51 collapse

The original port of devil may cry 3 was a disaster. The only way a lot of people could get it to run at over 5fps was by deleting all music from the folder.

The port of the devil may cry hd edition (dmc 1-3) also had its issues. Especially for dmc 1, where quite a few visual and audio effects werent implemented correctly, or sometimes at all