Immerse yourself in gaming history as the Science Museum (London, UK) opens a games arcade (
from to on 28 Jul 2023 10:32 +0000

A large basement space in the Science Museum now echoes to the sounds of Space Invaders to Mario Kart as the whole space has been filled with arcade and computer games. on 28 Jul 2023 10:38 +0000 next

Whoa that’s awesome. If it’s not immediately clear from the title, this is the Science Museum in London. If you’ve ever in London, I’d highly recommend it - loads to see (including an IMAX). This arcade looks huge and I love how they’ve split it into different eras and genres. on 28 Jul 2023 11:56 +0000 next

It didn’t say ANYWHERE ON THAT PAGE OR IN THE TITLE OR POST which science museum this is, only “the science museum” on 28 Jul 2023 12:02 +0000 next

IanVisits is largely a blog about London, but of course that's no excuse for my negligence. I've edited it into the title. on 28 Jul 2023 12:21 +0000 next

I don’t think you understand… This IS - THE Science Museum on 28 Jul 2023 12:49 +0000

That’s because Ian Visits is a London-specific blog.

And in London this is The Science Museum.

Similarly The Natural History Museum (star of Paddington) on 28 Jul 2023 22:12 +0000

It’s a really great museum, ands it’s free entry! Lots of things to see, from industrial history to space exploration and much more.

Plus the location of the museum is right next to the Natural History Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum, 2 of London’s other big museums. It’s a great place to go if you are ever visiting London. on 28 Jul 2023 14:35 +0000 next

If I'm ever in London I will check it out! on 28 Jul 2023 16:01 +0000

It’s cool that they’re doing something like this, but if it’s for a museum, then something is lost by using LCDs instead of old tube televisions for games released prior to a certain year.

Sure they could add scanlines to emulate it, but it’s not quite the same. Plus the input latency is a problem. on 28 Jul 2023 22:09 +0000

It’s harder to both obtain and maintain CRTs, so for cost reasons the museum probably sent for LCDs. Exhibits sometimes have to accept compromises or they can’t happen at all.

As a retro games and tech enthusiast in the UK, it seems a lot harder to even find good CRTs here. I think British people were a lot more enthusiastic in scrapping them, perhaps because of our smaller house sizes.