Which Atari console is the best (Pong, 2600, Jaguar, VCS, etc.)
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AlligatorBlizzard@sh.itjust.works on 22 Mar 23:43 next collapse

Atari 5200 because my parents found one at a garage sale with some games when I was 5 and it was my first console. ;)

The correct answer is one of the other ones.

jordanlund@lemmy.world on 23 Mar 01:31 collapse

5200 was the best console with the worst controller. :)

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AlligatorBlizzard@sh.itjust.works on 23 Mar 03:40 next collapse

I played so much Missile Command and Super Break Out on that controller, I got one of the 2300 TV boxes and that just didn’t hit my nostalgia buttons because the self centering didn’t feel right to me. At some point I hope to get another 5200 and some games, my original one fell off a shelf and broke when my father threw a tantrum and slammed a door.

pete_the_cat@lemmy.world on 25 Mar 00:58 collapse

Didn’t the Jaguar have a gigantic controller with like 15-20 buttons?

jordanlund@lemmy.world on 25 Mar 02:57 next collapse

Oh, yeah, it wasn’t the complication that made the 5200 conttoller bad, the stick was literally terrible and they broke ALL the time.

Think the current problem with stick drift only 100x worse.

I’m actually amazed there are still functional 5200 controllers out there.

The Jaguar controller was pretty standard by comparison.

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dlundh@lemmy.world on 25 Mar 20:32 collapse

It gets a bad rep but was actually quite comfortable.

narc0tic_bird@lemm.ee on 23 Mar 01:06 next collapse

In terms of impact it had it’s the 2600/VCS (same thing) by far.

capt_wolf@lemmy.world on 23 Mar 14:44 collapse

Definitely the 2600. I may be biased, as it was the first true console I had as a kid. But you’re right, in terms of impact, it has to be. It totally smoked the Intellivision and Coleco in sales. It also gave us Brian Cranston and Jack Black

If Atari hadn’t been responsible for the video game crash and had been a little more realistic about the Jaguar, they may still be around as a fourth contender in the console wars today. It just seems like toward the end, everyone kinda lost their minds when marketing the Jaguar. It was just way too overhyped and way too underpowered, but they all acted like it was the hottest shit on the market.

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itsgroundhogdayagain@lemmy.ml on 23 Mar 02:16 next collapse

I had a few games for the Jaguar, Alien vs. Predator was so much fun. I’d have to go with the 2600. My father brought home pirated games in the mid 80’s so our collection was stacked.

Kolanaki@yiffit.net on 23 Mar 03:44 next collapse

I like a couple games on the Jaguar and find the hardware interesting; but the 2800 has the best catalogue. Pong is great, and I even have one… But uh… Can’t play it for fear it might start a fire because that fucker gets hot and still has all the original parts.

the16bitgamer@lemmy.world on 23 Mar 05:36 collapse

7800 since it can play both 2600 and 7800 games. But most importantly Ninja Golf