Is Arcanum worth playing?
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I played a little of it when I first got it, but then I heard that it’s better to patch it. So I joined the discord for it and figured I’d look into that later. Well later turned into years, eventually I left the discord server to make space for other servers and never did wind up going back to Arcanum.

Now I’m really getting into Fallout thanks to the show, and I’ve heard many people say that if I like Fallout to try Arcanum.

So I tried to get back into the Discord, however I found I’ve been banned. Which is odd, it’s not like I got into a bad situation with an admin or anything. I pretty much never interacted with anyone. So I can only assume they saw that I was there for so long and assumed I was a bot (Or maybe someone got a DM from me back when my account was hacked), and I can’t get a hold of anyone to get back in.

I’ve heard that if I want to enjoy the game to find the multiverse edition, but apparently that’s hosted on the Discord I can’t get into.

Is it worth trying to track down an alternative means of playing that patch? And is the game really as good as they say?

Thanks in advance.

Yours Truly, Queen HawlSera


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Did… did you just sign your post off, email/blog style? I can respect it. on 24 May 22:07 next collapse

I kinda lowkey wish there was a signature option so that we could proudly put our early 2000 forum signature banners on display. on 25 May 01:11 collapse

lol like when some of us had whole paragraph long quotes, or elaborate ASCII art. I remember one guy had a nude woman in ASCII art. It was actually pretty impressive. This was back before there were apps that made them for you from images. on 25 May 01:59 collapse

Indeed I did, I figured it best to do these things with style and class. on 24 May 22:03 next collapse

Don’t know the game, haven’t played it. But just use one of your 5 alternative emails from yesteryear to get into the discord. on 24 May 22:07 next collapse

I never beat it, but tlI enjoyed what I did play of it enough that if I could find my copy I might give it another go. on 25 May 02:13 collapse

I have a version on Steam, the problem is I can’t get into the Discord that has the patches nor can I get up with anyone from the Discord.

……/Arcanum_Of_Steamworks_and_Mag… on 25 May 14:44 next collapse

Just a note for anyone else, it’s also on GOG, DRM-free. $6 currently but it goes on sale.…/arcanum_of_steamworks_and_magick_obscur… on 26 May 00:34 collapse

Do you know how I can get my hands on the Multiverse Edition fan patch? My attempts to contact anyone from the discord about the ban (I’m guessing last time my account got hacked it must have tried pestering someone from that server? That’s the leading theory anyway) have been failing, as in, I can’t get a hold of anyone. on 26 May 14:32 collapse

I don’t know what that patch is, sorry. on 26 May 21:48 collapse on 28 May 22:15 collapse

What’s the discord address? on 29 May 02:34 collapse

Oh here ya go -

Lemme know if they say anything about my situation, and thanks for checking in on my behalf… Assuming that was your intent. on 02 Jun 16:48 next collapse

That link apparently expired or something, but I tracked down another that seems to work.

My guess is you’re looking for this:

Or possibly this:…/4 on 02 Jun 21:10 collapse

Thanks on 02 Jun 16:52 collapse

I re-read your post with a little more understanding once I’d seen the discord.

Multiverse is apparently a mod.…/arcanum-multiverse-edition.114150/… on 02 Jun 21:09 collapse

Thanks, did you talk to them about the ban at all? on 24 May 22:09 next collapse

Hell yeah it is!

Just maybe keep it in turn based mode the first time because combat is brutal AF and in real time on a modern machine, is also so fast it would make Sonic the Hedgehog cry.

The mechanics are fun to fuck with in how magic and technology play on each other and it forces you to take on situations entirely differently based on your build. There’s also a ton of companions and no way to have all of them in a single run. The story is also gnar.

The version on Steam works great. Pretty sure it’s fully patched up with the community patches. on 25 May 02:01 collapse

Should I try to find a way to get the multiverse edition or?

I will admit, the perceived complexity of the game is a big reason I’m nervous to dive in. Thanks for the tip, I would have avoided Turn Based fearing it would be more complicated than Real Time.

Yes I have been spoiled by the hand holding of modern games, but I wanna become true gamer. on 25 May 00:43 next collapse

Tim Cain is the man. you can’t go wrong with the guy that created Fallout. on 25 May 02:02 collapse

Outer Worlds wasn’t too bad. He did that one right?

Well, Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines was fucking AWESOME and so far, sadly the only good World of Darkness game that I know of on 25 May 00:50 next collapse

I loved this game. Boomerang and dog ftw! on 25 May 01:37 next collapse

I play it daily… on 25 May 02:02 collapse

I see what you did there good sir. on 25 May 02:10 collapse

It really is a great track. Came across it totally randomly too on 25 May 09:34 collapse

Definitely worth it even without the community patches!