Dracula the Undead for Atari Lynx
from waybackguy@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 16 Mar 2024 01:13

Horror games with flashlight batteries give you anxiety? Imagine completing a point and click adventure game on a handheld before the batteries run out!

I stumbled upon this retro game released only on the Atari Lynx called Dracula The Undead. Looks cool. Too bad it was never ported to the Jaguar CD.


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lordnikon@lemmy.world on 16 Mar 2024 02:00 collapse

anyone else see Ryan Reynolds in that picture?

TheNitroZeus@lemmy.world on 16 Mar 2024 05:15 next collapse

I’m seeing a Denis Villeneuve

daddyjones@lemmy.world on 16 Mar 2024 10:28 next collapse

I do now.

WalrusByte@lemmy.world on 16 Mar 2024 13:55 collapse

“Ryan Reynolds here, and I’m here with Dracula to figure out why Big Wireless keeps raising their prices”