What do you guys think goes great with the Atari 2600?
from VanHalbgott@lemmus.org to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 00:09

I feel like collecting for the Atari 2600 and while I have other systems like the Sega Genesis, I would like to have your input on what system you think goes well with it…maybe the Intellivision or Colecovision due to being within the same era as the woodgrain or black bread box?


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reddig33@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 00:24 next collapse

I’d go for the ColecoVision. The controller on the intellevision is strange, as are the graphics. Maybe that’s your thing, but as a kid I always wanted the coleco. Especially if you can find the racing controller for Turbo.

If I were to get an Intellivision, I’d spring for the Intellevision II model. Much cooler looking design and takes up less space. The only problem is if you get the speech module, finding one to match the later design language is harder.

RightHandOfIkaros@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 00:40 next collapse

The Colecovision is basically the Intellivisions cooler cousin.

over_clox@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 00:51 collapse

I had a ColecoVision with the Atari 2600 adapter. Yes, they made an adapter for it.

Kolanaki@yiffit.net on 07 Jul 00:27 next collapse

Intellivision has some great games, I know for sure from experience (it’s what I grew up with before NES). Plus I always liked the idea of the overlays for the controller to tell you what buttons do what in the specific game you’re playing.

lordnikon@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 00:38 next collapse

the 2600 and a sega Genesis is the best pair since you can swap controllers between the two systems.

VanHalbgott@lemmus.org on 07 Jul 14:11 collapse


ccunning@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 00:48 next collapse

I think the Atari 400 is the best looking console of all time, but I’m extremely biased.

frezik@midwest.social on 07 Jul 01:27 next collapse

I’d never be able to look at the membrane keyboard and not scowl.

ccunning@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 01:57 collapse

I did say it was the best looking

VanHalbgott@lemmus.org on 07 Jul 14:12 collapse

I validate you. I like the Atari 400 too.

over_clox@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 00:50 next collapse

A ColecoVision, with the Atari 2600 adapter.

satanmat@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 01:18 next collapse

Why not both?

I had a 2600; my best friend had an intellivision. Both systems had good games, I think the actual gameplay was better on the 2600, but intelivision had some great games

Do whatever you think works best.

MajorHavoc@programming.dev on 07 Jul 03:05 next collapse

The Genesis pairs well with anything.

BigTrout75@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 06:31 collapse

You can use Genesis controllers on the 2600 too.

MajorHavoc@programming.dev on 07 Jul 13:29 collapse

Good point! And both also work (mostly) with a Commodore 64.

f4f4f4f4f4f4f4f4@sopuli.xyz on 08 Jul 17:03 collapse

Don’t do it! www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=43994

MajorHavoc@programming.dev on 08 Jul 21:21 collapse

That’s good to know.

My C64 survived a bunch of this abuse, but I would hate for the remaining ones to suffer!

teamevil@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 03:58 next collapse

TurboGrafx 16

Nougat@fedia.io on 07 Jul 05:58 next collapse

Magnavox Odyssey

VanHalbgott@lemmus.org on 07 Jul 14:20 collapse

Right…that was the very first console of all.

BigTrout75@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 06:35 next collapse

Intellivision youtu.be/aYLly625cXE?feature=shared

VanHalbgott@lemmus.org on 07 Jul 14:06 collapse

Agreed. :)

EffortlessEffluvium@lemm.ee on 07 Jul 13:38 next collapse

Vectrex with Star Castle!

MacedWindow@lemmy.world on 07 Jul 21:31 collapse

I thought the question was building up to a punchline.

I’d say the ZX Spectrum has similar vibes.