Shadowgate & The Immortal - NES Games That Want You Dead (
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Stumbled upon this youtuber and I really like her style. As much as I enjoy digging through massive lists to find niche retro games to play, it can be nice to just kick back and watch a video review now and then.


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Here is an alternative Piped link(s):

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I’m open-source; check me out at GitHub. on 15 Mar 2024 15:50 next collapse

These knowledge-based games are probably why I got into Dark Souls. on 15 Mar 2024 16:05 next collapse

I personally think that such type of very difficult games should be played in small doses everyday, untile one has enough muscle memory.

But I am sure someone is dedicated enough to produce patches that balance the game experience more. on 15 Mar 2024 20:42 next collapse

Or you could, y’know, GIT GUD on 15 Mar 2024 21:33 next collapse

to GIT GUD, one NEEDS TIME XD on 16 Mar 2024 12:27 collapse

To git gud you gotta git commit and keep git push’n on 16 Mar 2024 13:13 collapse

Muscle memory doesn’t apply to shadowgate, it’s a point and click sdventure on 15 Mar 2024 22:16 next collapse

Shadowgate is one of my favorites. There’s 2 more in the “series”, same style of gameplay with different storylines.

Deja Vu, a noir style PI story and The Uninvited where you’re in a haunted house. Both games will still kill you a lot though, if that’s your thing. on 18 Mar 2024 10:53 collapse

Oh God, I repressed this game. My parents bought this for me when I was far to young to even know what the hell I was doing. I played it for hours and got no where… I might enjoy it now but the … It felt like a punishment