A lot of people say this is their favorite PlayStation 1 game.
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Isa@feddit.org on 27 Jun 16:54 next collapse

Why … are they final? 😵

ceenote@lemmy.world on 27 Jun 17:07 next collapse

You’ll trip balls so hard survival isn’t guaranteed.

samus12345@lemmy.world on 27 Jun 18:59 next collapse

The name was originally going to be Fighting Fantasy, but due to concerns over trademark conflicts with the roleplaying gamebook series of the same name, they needed to settle for something else. As the English word “Final” was well-known in Japan, Sakaguchi settled on that.

Now, why were they going to be fighting tictacs? That I don’t don’t know.

mercano@lemmy.world on 28 Jun 02:38 collapse

When the first one was in development, the lead designer was going leave the games industry and go back to university if it didn’t do well. In addition, SquareSoft was on the brink of bankruptcy, meaning this game could very well be the final game either of them were going to release.

xyzzy@lemm.ee on 28 Jun 18:34 collapse

This is an urban legend. They were originally going to title the game “Fighting Fantasy,” but they couldn’t due to the Steve Jackson fantasy game book series having that name already. They liked the “Fi Fa” sound, so they came up with “Final” for the alliteration and because it sounded cool.

mcz@lemmy.world on 27 Jun 16:55 next collapse

Now do fallout tictacs

The_Picard_Maneuver@lemmy.world on 27 Jun 16:59 collapse

<img alt="" src="https://lemmy.world/pictrs/image/7c95aa82-db42-4945-8d2a-a8bd2e7ebc13.jpeg">

CodexArcanum@lemmy.world on 27 Jun 18:53 next collapse

Lol, I love this gimmick! Next up, enormous Ogre Tictacs? Perhaps Shadow Tictacs: Mints of the Shogun?

The_Picard_Maneuver@lemmy.world on 27 Jun 19:05 collapse

Search gives no results… =(

CodexArcanum@lemmy.world on 27 Jun 19:52 next collapse

Oh for the names?

Ogre Tactics is the first one, a series of earlier tactical games (started on the snes maybe?)

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is the other. It’s actually more like the Commandos games, a kind of overhead team stealth sim.

And I was just joking but if you’re on a tictac roll please, by all means, help yourself!

compcube@lemy.lol on 28 Jun 18:52 collapse

I think you mean Tactics Ogre. Although it’s a spinoff of another game called Ogre Battle.

CodexArcanum@lemmy.world on 28 Jun 18:54 collapse

Oh yeah, my b, thanks for the correction

MajorHavoc@programming.dev on 27 Jun 20:15 collapse

If we’re stretching the joke further (and by all means we should, this is a delight), there’s also always “Final Fantasy TicTacs: Advance”

Kolanaki@yiffit.net on 27 Jun 18:54 collapse

“Will these freshen my breath or get me high?”


CodexArcanum@lemmy.world on 27 Jun 18:52 next collapse

It was full of fresh ideas when it first came out, like a minty cool breeze

BenVimes@lemmy.ca on 27 Jun 19:24 collapse

It took a lot of inspiration from Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, but the two games had basically the same creative team anyway.

neidu2@feddit.nl on 27 Jun 19:01 next collapse

If you take “Final fantasy tic tacs” literally, it sounds like pills laced with LOADS of fentanyl.

SkyezOpen@lemmy.world on 28 Jun 20:19 collapse

I took one pill and saw the source, man. I was one with the life stream.

UltraGiGaGigantic@lemm.ee on 28 Jun 18:46 collapse

Bushido blade 1