Rise of the Triad, the Nightdive release is here (www.gog.com)
from TwistedPear@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 02 Aug 2023 20:36

Sure, you could have ran RotT in a number of sourceports, DOSBox, or even a virtual machine if you were determined, but the experience of getting it up and running on a modern system hasn’t been great.

Nightdive released Ludicrous Edition and it’s finally accessible enough to just launch and play. Includes midi and 2013 soundtracks, all the original episodes, plus one new one, and a couple of qol adjustments in the menus.

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phx@lemmy.ca on 02 Aug 2023 20:54 next collapse

I think ROTT was one of the games included in various retropie builds (the engine, you’d still need the data files for the non-shareware stuff).

I wonder if they’ll also include support for the updated version in the future.

Most of what I remember of the game was blowing people up and watching an eyeball go flying by, or the “hand of God” weapon

legion@lemmy.world on 02 Aug 2023 21:49 next collapse

Sure, you could have ran RotT in a number of sourceports

Not very good ones. This project is probably one of the more necessary Nightdive port jobs. I hope it’s good.

TwistedPear@lemmy.world on 02 Aug 2023 23:24 next collapse

I’ve played it for about two hours, and the only hitch I’ve noticed is the midi ost can stutter. If you swap it for OPL, it’s fine, though.

weirdo_from_space@sh.itjust.works on 03 Aug 2023 07:45 collapse

Rottexpr almost got it right but still had some quirks and issues and they won’t be fixed since it’s no longer worked on.

I’ve tried Ludicrous Edition’s demo and it’s amazing, you can rest easy.

weirdo_from_space@sh.itjust.works on 03 Aug 2023 07:56 collapse

In addition to existing source ports not being very good, the DOSbox experience wasn’t great. Mouse feels a bit sluggish even if you make it super sensitive, getting Gravis music to work is a pain in the ass and super low resolution.

So the remaster, unlike most other remasters in my opinion, is a very welcome modern release.