Finally my old saves are backed up! (
from to on 22 Jun 2024 13:34

Ordered back in Feb and just got delivered!

As soon as I saw the PS1 version release a while back, I was eager to get a PS2 version to backup the single 8MB card I’ve owned since my first PS2. I got all my games pre-owned back then, so sadly none came with extra memory cards 😭

Initially I ran into some issues copying the save files from my old 8MB to this one (using wLE), ended up turning off the “Game ID” MCP setting so all saves get copied to the same VMC instead of dedicated ones for each game.

Apparently this card works on the PS3 too if you hold the front right button while connecting the USB, looking forward to that since I have some PS1 saves trapped in there…


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Nice, I wish I didn’t trade in my old card 😅😥 on 22 Jun 2024 15:39 next collapse

If you had access to wLE already, why didn’t you just back up the saves to a flash drive, or just make a complete image of the memory card?

Also on PS3, can’t you just copy saves to a flash drive in the stock OS? Even if not, jailbreaking is easy. on 22 Jun 2024 16:35 collapse

IIRC when looking into this originally, there are multiple tools necessary due to additional metadata on the MCs: mcpaste for PS1 saves, psupaste for PS2 saves, and the PS3 uses an entirely different format that needs to be converted prior to use (I don’t remember if you need to jailbreak to get the keys for this)

Felt there was a bit too much manual stuff involved which could allow human error to come in and mess something up. I did do a copy + psupaste to the internal HDD on a new partition just in-case, but there was no way I was going to risk copying those back onto my only memory card to test if it actually was done right 😅

The original MC was near full as well, so it’s pretty nice to also be able to spin up new ones when needed (to be fair I believe OPL has a similar feature built in, although some games may freeze using it) on 22 Jun 2024 16:07 next collapse

That is crazy. I never thought it would be possible otherwise I would have kept all my cards. on 23 Jun 2024 03:16 next collapse

Some real digital history record keeping there! This stuff is so cool and is something we never considered with all those random memory cards we gave away and sold.

I’m so jealous. on 24 Jun 19:32 collapse

Nice that you finally got one!

I am also thinking about buying one, but I’m hoping they’ll do a clear blue version like they did for the PS1. I currently have 2 clear blue official memory cards in my PS2 and really like the look, so it would be cool if I could keep that color scheme.