Nothing was off-limits for retro game ads
from to on 12 Feb 16:46

#retrogaming on 12 Feb 17:20 next collapse

I’ll fight anyone who says 1998 is retro. I’m getting old, but give me a few more years damn. on 12 Feb 17:25 next collapse

Those few years between 1992-1998 were as … game-changing … for games as probably the two decades that followed. We started it with side scrollers, Dune and Doom and ended it with Diablo II, StarCraft and Half-Life.

For the kids here who haven’t experienced Half-Life, you should play Black Mesa. For the retro farts who have played Half-Life, you should also play Black Mesa. It’s the Half-Life you couldn’t have in 1998 because of the slow hardware. I weeped from feels playing it. on 12 Feb 18:12 next collapse

I spent sooooooooo much time on StarCraft and Diablo II. First video game I remember playing was Wolfenstein 3D, then Duke Nukem. Found RTS soon after. on 12 Feb 18:47 next collapse

I remember upgrading my PC from 4MB to 8MB, just to be able to play Duke3D, cost me a pretty penny as well on 13 Feb 02:54 collapse

The incredible imaginations that some people had kept me playing the custom games in starcraft for so much longer than the base game ever would have. I can’t believe how much time I spent in various rpgs, defenses, and the wild cat-n-mouse modes. on 12 Feb 18:25 next collapse

Blizzard used to give me such warm fuzzies.

[deleted] on 12 Feb 22:34 next collapse
. on 12 Feb 22:53 collapse

Now they just price gouge you, and sexuality harass the employees. on 12 Feb 22:34 collapse

Old fart here. I played Wolfenstein 3d, then played the shit out of Doom and Duke Nukem 3d but missed out on Half life until recently. Knowing the context of the era it came out in, I can totally see how amazing it must have been. Hell, it’s still incredibly fun for me in this era. on 12 Feb 17:30 next collapse

Bro, 2010 is retro now on 12 Feb 17:41 next collapse

You are a bad person.

Why must you be so hurtful. on 12 Feb 18:01 next collapse on 12 Feb 18:13 collapse

I launched Arkham Asylum on steam earlier this week and it recommended a 9800GTX lmao.

1GB ram, 2GB if you were running Vista. on 12 Feb 18:37 collapse

We’re gonna have to rethink definitions at some point. Yes, video games are still a comparatively new medium, but nobody would call a 2010 film a retro film, nevermind books or paintings. on 12 Feb 19:41 collapse

I define “retro” as anything made before an average Army Private was born, so about 19-20 years. By this standard, games released in the early 80’s were retro when the current generation of Privates was born, so how do we call that ? I propose the term “paleogaming” for those. on 12 Feb 20:31 collapse

By that definition, 9/11 is retro. on 12 Feb 21:18 collapse

It’s definitely cheugy. on 12 Feb 17:31 next collapse

If in 1998 you would have argued that 1972 is retro, then I’m sorry to tell you that 1998 is retro on 12 Feb 17:55 collapse

No, you're retro! runs away sobbing on 12 Feb 18:01 collapse

I am retro. You have no power here.

Embrace it! Gonna happen anyhow whether you want it to or not on 12 Feb 18:41 collapse

I've hurt my hip. Leave me alone. on 12 Feb 21:38 collapse

Come, now. Let’s settle you down for your 3rd nap, huh? on 12 Feb 18:22 next collapse

Hell, I can remember when the word retro meant something new inspired by something older. Now it just means old / classic. on 12 Feb 19:27 next collapse

Bro that’s so last century on 12 Feb 20:23 collapse

Last millennium, even. on 12 Feb 20:11 next collapse

You mean the late 1900’s on 12 Feb 20:48 next collapse

You and me both, but to be fair it’s a year closer to the creation of console gaming to modern day. So I’ll let it pass.

People who call my music vintage or classic can get right the fuck back, though. on 12 Feb 21:09 next collapse

Bro, we lost that fight. I was watching a Youtube video of a guy clearing games from his Steam backlog and introduced one with, “So, many of you watching probably weren’t alive when this game came out. Everyone talks about what a classic this is, but I don’t think I’ve met anyone who has actually played this game.”

I died a little inside when it turned out he was talking about the first Half-Life. on 13 Feb 00:42 next collapse

If you really want to get depressed, Farmville is probably retro for some people. on 13 Feb 12:21 next collapse

I understand saying you don’t feel like 2010 is retro, but 1998? That’s been retro for a long time. You’re in a really extreme place in your head when you stick to not calling something that’s 25 years old retro. on 13 Feb 15:10 collapse

Hate to break it to you, but they play rock from the 90s and 00s on the CLASSIC rock stations now. on 12 Feb 17:23 next collapse

Yep, those were different times.

Battlecruiser 3000AD. This advert was later revised and they drew black knickers on the model.

<img alt="" src="">

Psycho Pigs UXB. Another British classic?

<img alt="" src=""> on 12 Feb 17:39 next collapse

Now i want to see the reviews for Psycho Pigs UXB because it cant have been very memorable. on 12 Feb 18:14 collapse

Well-placed censorship of pictures was the best purpose of a Battlefield 3000AD box. That was one of those games where the drama around it was far better than the game itself. on 12 Feb 19:02 collapse

Isn’t this the game that had to run full page adverts claiming a new, updated version was available and “the bugs have been squashed!” Obviously this was pre-internet, so updates like this were quite uncommon. on 12 Feb 20:34 collapse

Might have been. That game was so bugged that the installer crashed for a lot of people. Once it got patched enough that you could actually play it–which took years–it was supposedly pretty good, but nobody cared by then. on 12 Feb 17:31 next collapse

My favorite old school game ad is one for Quake 3 Arena:

<img alt="" src=""> on 12 Feb 17:38 next collapse

Is that a toilet chair? on 12 Feb 17:46 next collapse

“The tryhard poopsock” on 12 Feb 17:59 collapse

It’s one of those things, yes. on 12 Feb 18:11 next collapse

And people make fun of that one ad where John Romero was going to make us all his bitch. on 12 Feb 18:16 collapse

To be fair, Daikatana sucked so the ad is mostly funny in retrospect because it didn’t make everyone his bitch. If it had, I’m not sure we’d be making fun of it. on 12 Feb 18:27 next collapse

Im still a little bit miffed they didn’t give me any compensation for using pictures of my setup on 12 Feb 18:46 next collapse

Is there a high res version of this anywhere? on 12 Feb 18:58 collapse…/quake_is_for_everyone_german_.jpg?res…

This German ad for Quake is awesome too! on 12 Feb 20:50 collapse

Ah, fun for the whole family. Very wholesome, that Quake game is. on 12 Feb 17:48 next collapse

Since she’s a a Tomb Raider, a dungeon crawler, a spelunker, does that mean he wants her to peg him? Color me interested. on 12 Feb 17:49 next collapse

I’m still waiting for John Romero to make us all his bitch. on 12 Feb 19:08 collapse

He can’t do it without his friend Superfly. on 12 Feb 17:58 next collapse

but why is he wearing a diaper? on 12 Feb 19:24 next collapse

No kinkshaming please… on 13 Feb 04:06 collapse

Do not use a black light in that room. on 12 Feb 18:22 next collapse

Oh, man, you have NO idea:…/games.advertising on 12 Feb 18:26 next collapse

Oh my god, this is dark. on 12 Feb 18:53 next collapse

Bro, using ads in the graveyards this is new for me…

I bet this will make a comeback… on 12 Feb 21:55 collapse on 12 Feb 21:56 collapse

Here is an alternative Piped link(s):

Piped is a privacy-respecting open-source alternative frontend to YouTube.

I’m open-source; check me out at GitHub. on 12 Feb 20:59 next collapse

Please be the onion… on 13 Feb 01:54 collapse

Sorry, but Acclaim really was that wild for a bit there. They also had a promotion where you’d get a free copy of one of the Turok games if you named a newborn child after him. For what it’s worth, I don’t think anyone took them up on either offer, but it certainly brought in the publicity. on 13 Feb 08:58 collapse

I currently work with someone who worked with acclaim back then and Virgin at one point too. The stories he tells me of some of the game Devs of the time. Insane. Some of them Devs still exist to this day and knowing what happened behind closed doors I have no idea how they got more business. on 14 Feb 09:44 collapse

I feel that you owe us some anonymous gossip now. on 14 Feb 09:52 collapse

One UK based dev that worked on some edgy PC games had a “Red Room” at their offices that was purely there for them to take drugs and trip inside. It was just a room completely painted in red. on 14 Feb 19:40 collapse

Haha you aren’t disappointing on 12 Feb 21:16 next collapse

This would’ve been great for a game like DOOM. on 13 Feb 00:40 collapse

[Here lies your loved one]

“Ah! Fresh meat! Journey into Tristram and see what the Butcher is up to today!” on 14 Feb 10:14 next collapse

Best played with a DeathAdder mouse. on 14 Feb 10:18 collapse

Hahaha, yeah, that one was great.

Also the one where they paid parents to name their baby ‘Turok.’

I sometimes wonder what those little Turoks are up to today (at least a half dozen parents took them up on it IIRC).

The shock advertising campaigns around games really were something. They worked - got a ton of free media coverage. But this was also at the time that video games were the Boogeyman like rock n’ roll had been to a generation before. The media loved nothing more than a “look how terrible video games are” story and PR firms were playing into that environment.

So campaigns like this were basically the equivalent of Ozzy Osbourne biting the head off a bat.

As games became more normalized, the campaigns shifted accordingly and - like Ozzy - tamed quite a bit out. on 12 Feb 20:23 next collapse

I thought they were cringy even then. on 12 Feb 21:04 collapse

I was hitting puberty, this was prime material on 12 Feb 20:55 next collapse

This one is newer: ……/… on 13 Feb 02:25 collapse

That’s not an ad. That’s just some cosplayer showing off her muff. on 13 Feb 03:54 next collapse

No, no, no, this was from 2008 and the “release” of the new LC model:…/lara-croft-i-presume

They actually went with this photo (and others), but have since moderated themselves on 13 Feb 04:46 collapse

Holy shit you’re spot on.
She’d be teenage me’s dream Chung Li.

Edit; adult me would be fine with it too on 12 Feb 21:20 next collapse

This kind of marketing ruined gaming culture.

There is a throughline between gendered marketing; the idea that young hetero men owned gaming; and chud gaming culture like gamergate.

The idea of the young horny gamer dude is sexist toward men too. Never mind the accompanying stereotypes of gamers as loosers and nerds. on 13 Feb 00:37 next collapse

cough big bang theory on 13 Feb 02:23 collapse

Nerd blackface. on 13 Feb 12:55 collapse

Unfortunately, gendered game marketing was an issue long before the horny period of games advertising. The problem started right after the video game crash in 1983 that nearly ended the industry, and horny marketing at teenage boys was just a consequence of a much larger “video games are for boys” marketing that has been prevalent ever since. on 12 Feb 21:34 next collapse

The Rayman one was great, “small man, huge features” iirc :d on 13 Feb 23:00 collapse

and he was at a urinal right? on 12 Feb 21:36 next collapse

Honestly, might be nostalgic for guys, but as a girl who was playing games in this era, it made me feel like I wasn’t a part of the culture, rarely if ever were there ads marketed towards me, but man were there a lot of half naked ladies. Glad we don’t do this as much, but god this caused a lot of younger girls to feel ashamed of playing games “for boys”. on 12 Feb 22:44 next collapse

It really sucks looking at the detrimental effect this had on gender ratios in gaming to this day. It’s gotten a lot better but it’s still not there yet. on 12 Feb 22:58 collapse

Yeah, we need to level the playing field by having half naked sexy guys on the cover of games. ^please on 13 Feb 00:04 next collapse

🤤 on 13 Feb 00:06 next collapse

I’m ok with that on 13 Feb 00:36 next collapse

looking in your direction, clive rosfield on 13 Feb 02:21 next collapse

Like Fabio? Pretty much any depiction of a barbarian is some muscular dude wearing only a loincloth and his broadsword. on 13 Feb 03:23 next collapse

Doubt that’s going to be enough, I think if you want to make a sexually objectifying 90s magazine ad that appeals to female nerds you’re going to have to break out the homoerotic innuendos

[deleted] on 13 Feb 21:53 next collapse
. on 14 Feb 10:19 collapse

People used to bring up Kratos in these discussions but before these new games he seemed far more likely to bite someone’s face off than to kiss anyone. There’s a difference. on 13 Feb 03:00 next collapse

Fair on 13 Feb 08:54 next collapse

I’d rather we stop sexualizing characters altogether. If anything, it’s silly and makes it more difficult to take them seriously. on 14 Feb 10:16 collapse

I think there is space for both sexualized and non-sexualized characters, as long as they are treated evenly. This is entertainment, they don’t need to be all business serious.

I dread that in trying to be perfectly respectable, the medium might err to the side of prudishness and sexual repression. on 14 Feb 06:49 collapse

After a woman says she doesn’t like being sexualized, your response is to not worry because the sexualization of women will continue, but you’ll start to sexualize men, too? on 12 Feb 23:04 next collapse

I can imagine. I’m glad this is less prevalent now. Seeing it now in middle age makes me go ick. I wished I had been much more aware of this kind of sexism as a boy. on 13 Feb 03:59 next collapse

I was a senior in high school at the time and even back then I thought this kind of advertising was crass, gross, and unnecessary. No nostalgia here, just second-hand embarrassment. on 13 Feb 05:29 next collapse

Yeah as a boy I didn’t like these either. They were sexy but made me feel a little weird. I was young enough not to realize it was targeting only boys, but now that I’m older I think that’s why I didn’t like them. I wasn’t in to sex at the time. on 13 Feb 08:44 next collapse

The weird thing is, as a guy, I never even paid attention to the sexualized stuff in games. To me these are like two different brain activities. So, as far as I’m concerned, there was never any point in this kind of marketing. I’ve never in my life purchased a game because it featured sexy ladies. on 14 Feb 00:28 collapse

It’s supposed to be subconscious, like with most marketing. It hits the animal part of the brain, rather than the thinking part. on 13 Feb 14:47 next collapse

It’s not really nostalgic for me, TBH. It’s actually kind of embarrassing that marketing like this existed and that it worked. I love T&A as much as the next female-loving guy, but ads like this are condescending. But again, they sold units… on 14 Feb 00:27 next collapse

There were lots of half-naked men, too. Including in this ad.

Most of them in games were more male fantasy stuff…ripped, shirtless dudes with big weapons. Not really appealing to most women, but checks the “I want to BE him” aspect for lots of guys, lol on 14 Feb 06:40 next collapse

Are you really out here in public view still trying to use the “not all men” to tell a woman her feelings are invalid? on 14 Feb 07:28 collapse

How does that comment invalidate the previous one? If anything it actually reinforces it. Are you just looking for an excuse to shame someone? on 14 Feb 10:10 collapse

Yeah, but that is just another facet of marketing for men. Sexy dress-up vs tighty whities. Definitely not intended to get women interested. on 14 Feb 10:10 collapse

Yeah. Even just around a decade ago I’d explain the demographics shift to more women gamers to clients and they’d not believe it.

Stereotypes stick around for a long time, even when (or maybe especially when) untrue.

It’s a shame that “girl gamers” were considered such a rarity when it really seemed like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“Oh, a game with only male protagonists with activities only primarily associated with boys doesn’t have many girls playing it? I guess girls aren’t that into games and we should double down on the focus on dudes.”

As a result, the market effectively abandoned around half of two generations of a potential continued audience and had a significantly reduced pool of interested labor to make games.

It’s a bit frustrating given my love for games that they could likely have advanced even further had it not been an exclusionary industry for as long as it was (though that can be said about pretty much every business vertical in existence too given our generalized collective history of exclusion). on 12 Feb 22:49 next collapse

Why does she looks like Aphex Twin? on 12 Feb 22:51 collapse

Come to daddy on 13 Feb 01:32 collapse

Come to Daddy on 12 Feb 23:14 next collapse

and above all - sexy new outfits

The most important part of a game. on 12 Feb 23:23 next collapse

Dreamcast ads got real weird. I vividly remember this one ad for Seaman: It showed a pair of feet and a fish tail sticking out from under a blanket. The accompanying text was "I will not mate outside my own species " repeated several times. on 12 Feb 23:54 next collapse

They knew what they were doing when they named it. on 13 Feb 01:59 collapse

Wt absolute f.

Was this like mermaid fetishization? on 13 Feb 04:44 collapse

Seaman was bonkers. Look up a video of it, or better yet just emulate it. It’s one of a kind. on 12 Feb 23:33 next collapse

I recommend this Mastodon account for more retro ads: on 12 Feb 23:50 collapse

This is great! Followed. on 13 Feb 00:53 next collapse

They were going with a “sex sells” approach to marketing, but what they got was just an unrelatable and cringe piece of 90s trash. on 13 Feb 04:21 collapse

Never played it, did they fuck up the triangles? on 13 Feb 04:43 collapse

That shiny green top is definitely not as sexy irl on 13 Feb 04:58 collapse

Yeah I’ve seen several IRL actresses portraying classic Lara Croft as wearing like a polished vinyl top for some reason? on 13 Feb 05:02 collapse

It’s like older superhero movies with spandex. No imagination. on 13 Feb 05:51 collapse

Well I mean, Superman’s costume is pretty unusual. People don’t dress like that, so when you turn to your wardrobe department and say “make me a Superman costume” there’s some head scratching.

Lara Croft wears a tank top, shorts, a pistol belt, white socks and boots. Extremely easy cosplay to source, but so many folks interpret Lara’s shirt as some stiff glossy plastic, I guess because that pre-rendered cover art of the first game looked shinier than cloth? on 13 Feb 06:14 collapse

Superman wore a carnival strongman’s outfit. That’s why he’s got the trunks. They just added a full sleeve shirt and leggings to it.

But yeah all you need for Lara Croft is a tank top, short shorts, and some belts. on 13 Feb 02:30 next collapse

I remember TR3 was a huge disappointment after 1 and 2. The new mechanics weren’t very good and the level design was more confusing. I remember they added the Desert Eagle pistol and it was a giant brick (seriously the model consisted of probably 3-4 polygons total).

It really felt like they were just milking the franchise at that point. on 13 Feb 04:37 collapse

milking lara croft? 🤔 on 13 Feb 05:58 next collapse

let’s not kink shame…

[deleted] on 13 Feb 06:04 collapse
. on 13 Feb 04:56 next collapse

Is there a reason they used the “You wouldn’t download a car” font? on 13 Feb 04:58 next collapse

Gen X edgy font? on 13 Feb 05:28 next collapse

The entire design is just janky somehow.

Also, do y’all remember the time Arby’s of all people used this concept for an ad? It was a TV commercial, we see a guy waiting on a bed and hear a woman’s voice from the bathroom “This is really what you want? Well I’m only doing it once.” and she comes out dressed as an Arby’s cashier with a tray of meat sandwiches. on 13 Feb 07:33 collapse

Hmm, 1998. Is that Gen. X or Millenials? Makers are Gen. X, target group probably Millenials. on 13 Feb 06:29 next collapse

Default late-90s design intern font. on 14 Feb 06:46 collapse

Tomb Raider 3 came out in 1998. Well before the anti-piracy campaigns. on 13 Feb 06:28 next collapse

I can’t even process what’s going on with the reflection in the mirror being from an angle at about head height over the bed. I like that they didn’t even trust teen gamers to understand the allusion of a woman standing in a bedroom doorway without comping in this extra element. on 13 Feb 06:51 next collapse

Not if you’re a literalist exec that saw the creative and didn’t think it was clear enough - “where’s the target audience? How are they going to see themselves in this ad?, she’s clearly out of our average user’s league” on 13 Feb 10:37 collapse

In order to make the reflection work the bed would have to be angled against the wall.

It’s funny how the brain instantly notices that the perspective is nonsensical but can’t really pinpoint the issue ^^ on 13 Feb 14:18 collapse

It’d also need to be pressed against the mirror I think…? on 15 Feb 17:42 collapse

Yup it sure looks like it. on 13 Feb 07:01 next collapse

My cock is lost in the jungle and it’s up to you to find it~~~ Oh Laura, no panties… You know I like it like that… on 13 Feb 09:28 collapse

I can’t believe you came on my mom on 13 Feb 09:41 next collapse

The early 00s was pretty mysoginistic.

I originally came from a conservative country, and yet there were plenty of ads for softcore porns in TVs and billboards in those days. Even as a child, I questioned why do they show such images in front of full view to everyone.

The thing is, such mysoginy was the norm without us even realising it. I remember reading an article of a woman reminiscing her college days in early 00s. There were pictures of college girls on pin up boards and they get graded on how beautiful they are. The author said no one thought bad about it but looking back, it was very degrading and also invading privacy. There was also the matter of the infamous wardrobe malfunction of Janet Jackson. She got all the public spotlight afterwards because she is a woman, but Justin Timberlake pretty much got away with it for free. JT also shamed Britney Spears about losing her virginity to him, instead of keeping his mouth shut, while Britney was branded as slut. on 13 Feb 12:46 next collapse

I’m sure in the 2040s, people will say the 2020s were misogynistic too. And they’ll be right. Equality isn’t here yet.

Progress always seems to mostly march onwards, but you only have to watch Beverly Hills Cop 2 to see Eddie Murphy calling Brigitte Neilsen “that big bitch” like it was perfectly acceptable. And even that was probably considered pretty forward thinking at the time having a woman being cast in an action role, rather than just being fucked or fridged like pretty much every other 80s action movie. on 13 Feb 22:30 collapse

This. The funny thing is some folks think that progress just happens. The amount of people who died or ruined their lives in the name of progress is baffling to me. on 14 Feb 10:05 collapse

Worth considering that if Alien was produced today, there would be a lot of criticism of it being “too woke”. Not only progress doesn’t just happen, but it’s also not granted to stick unless people are still pushing for it. on 14 Feb 10:15 collapse

Absolutely no doubt. In coding they say „regression“ is something breaks after and update. Its no different from the real world imo.

You focus on fixing issues, if the only peeps caring about progress are the ones profiting from hate, chaos and fear, the things we took for granted go away.

I think science will come up with an explanation for this. Boomers hoarding all the wealth was quite possible but somehow its no longer discussed. I dont get why. on 13 Feb 23:47 next collapse

The Man Show was on air for 6 consecutive seasons starting in 1999. Their premier episode featured Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel sitting outside trying to get people to sign a petition to end women’s suffrage (as a joke, bro. Obviously it’s a joke!) on 14 Feb 00:23 collapse

Was that not just to take advantage of the fact that “suffrage” sounds like a bad thing (like “suffering”)? on 14 Feb 04:16 collapse

Exactly, playing on people’s ignorance like current talk show on-the-street segments do. The joke was not that they thought women shouldn’t be able to vote… It is just humorous to hear people say they are anti-sufferage not understanding what theyre saying.

It’s like asking people if they are afraid of dihydrogen monoxide in their water… on 14 Feb 07:41 collapse

yeah the whole Janet Jackson thing wouldn’t have happened today on 13 Feb 10:27 next collapse

Fun fact Tomb Raider was the first game with a nude mod. on 13 Feb 22:06 collapse…/Sexual_content_in_video_games

Tomb Raider came out in 1996 on 14 Feb 00:25 collapse

I did a search on that page for “mod” and didn’t seem to get any relevant hits. What were you referring to? on 14 Feb 05:42 collapse

I don’t remember a mod but I seem to remember that Gamepro magazine would sometimes parody their own magazine calling themselves “Lamepro” followed by a few pages of fake upcoming games, a nude Lara Croft I think was part of all that. on 14 Feb 06:00 collapse

It has been years, but there was this whole easter egg thing about when you dive off a certain spot into the pool in her mansion she gets back out naked. They always put in a bunch of different easter egg challenges in her house. on 13 Feb 10:49 next collapse

Man, 90s video game ads were wild lmao on 13 Feb 11:46 next collapse

It took me a couple seconds to understand that it wasn’t a before/ after set of pictures. It was a little confusing. on 13 Feb 23:42 next collapse

The 90’s were just better.

People could have a joke and a laugh without everyone being so serious about everything and getting offended. on 14 Feb 00:21 collapse

I’ve been joking and laughing with people for decades since then (today even), and nobody was all serious or offended!

And it isn’t even with a group of old white men all the time! Lol on 14 Feb 00:47 collapse

The world has got far more serious.

My comment was obviously exaggerating for effect. You’d have to be stupid to think I meant there are no jokes anymore. on 14 Feb 00:01 next collapse

Am I the only one cringing at the perspective in the mirror more than literally anything else in the ad? on 14 Feb 03:46 next collapse

<img alt="" src=""> on 14 Feb 09:21 collapse

Holy fuck, where to start haha on 14 Feb 09:18 next collapse

Pretty amusing to see what they were up to with ads.

I guess it really was a different time back then where people were able to laugh about things instead of being uptight and serious. on 14 Feb 10:32 next collapse

Media today might be less sexist but I think part of it is also that it became drastically more sex averse. Mortal Kombat is gorier than ever for anyone to see, but god forbid anything shows a nipple. on 14 Feb 10:51 next collapse

The thing that gets me about the Tomb Raider reboot is they toned down the sex appeal, but apparently graphically brutalizing Lara is perfectly okay.

Sexy Lara: Sexist!

Beating the ever loving shit out of Lara: Not sexist! on 14 Feb 11:11 collapse

Characters with big breasts must be inherently sexist, or else we can’t explain why characters who used to have big breasts now need to have them toned down.

However, it’s perfectly okay if the supposedly feminist prequel you’re going to release has references to the female player character being about to be sexually abused if you lose, because nothing speaks about female empowerment like threatening the player with turning their character into a SA victim if they don’t play well enough. on 18 Feb 23:46 collapse

<img alt="" src="">

It was a super gross and embarassing era.