So I played the original TimeSplitters last night
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So I played the original TimeSplitters last night. It was a PS2 launch title in 2000.

The game got better with every level. Funny how the water graphics had no splash animation nor sound effects but did have reflections. Did anyone else notice that?


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The golden age of graphics to fun ratio. on 01 May 18:39 next collapse

The first game is pretty rough around the edges but pretty fun.

The sequel is a masterpiece. on 01 May 18:48 next collapse

Played this on GameCube and had a fun time. on 01 May 18:57 collapse

Was the original TimeSplitters on the GC? I know it had 2 and 3 but I thought 1 was PlayStation only. on 01 May 20:07 collapse

Oh, good call! I didn’t even realize it was the second one. I just remembered having a good time with it! on 01 May 22:45 collapse

TS2 and 3 were probably my favourite shooters ever (except maybe TF2?), Halo always seemed like a step backwards because it didn’t have bots! on 01 May 19:10 next collapse

The reflection effect may have been broken by vertex displacement or animation, so thats probably why its flat as glass. Similar to how SEGA created the reflection effects in the original Panzer Dragoon, the effect would have broken if the water had any sort of displacement or animation to it.

Not sure why there are no splash effects, maybe the developers just ran out of time to add it. on 01 May 19:34 next collapse

Oh man, I got that game in a bundle with my PS2 around 2002 with saved up Christmas and birthday money. Great memories! What were the others... Maybe Crazy Taxi, Dave Mirra BMX, and some shite flying game, Top Gun something? on 01 May 19:49 next collapse

There were so many unlockable challenges too. I don’t think I was ever able to unlock everything. on 01 May 20:50 next collapse

Dance dance dance dance dance like a monkey on 01 May 21:39 collapse

Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot like a monkey

That was from Future Perfect, though 😁 I’ve never played the first one, but 2 and 3 are great! on 02 May 18:09 collapse

I played so much TS3 one summer that my memory of the rest of the series is hazy on 02 May 01:54 next collapse

Ts 2 was BTW included in homefront as a playable level on a hidden games console as an easter egg. But they actually did not just a level but the whole game. Which if you go looking for you might just find a time splitters 2 playable on pc. on 02 May 01:54 next collapse

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I’m open-source; check me out at GitHub. on 02 May 02:38 collapse

I bought that game last year just to play ts2 🤣. Is one of my favourite coop games on console. on 02 May 03:27 collapse

The sequel was so fun!