Scored at the tag sale.
from to on 26 May 12:16

I got those two for $20. One for me and one for my son. Working on setting up the custom firmware and Nintendont to servers since the closure of the official ones.


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2ds’ are the easiest to soft mod too. Nice haul. on 26 May 18:20 collapse

It’s was pretty easy (failed once because I didn’t quite follow the steps, you really need to count your button presses and screen taps, any extra press and it’s a do over) on 26 May 22:29 collapse

Luckily the Konami Code prepared you for this moment. on 26 May 15:06 next collapse

3DS is considered retro now? Fuck. on 26 May 15:34 next collapse

tEcHnIcAlLy, it’s a 2DS. on 26 May 16:30 next collapse

They have switched off the servers so I guess it’s “old” rather than “current” on 26 May 17:05 next collapse

It’s retro enough for Nintendo to shut down the servers. on 26 May 18:11 collapse

It is the most retro supporting piracy console, it’s elite IMO. I have two with HShop on them and CFW.

Legitimately the only mobile device I’ve gamed on for two years. on 26 May 18:22 next collapse

Exactly! And it’s not emulated on iOS (delta goes to DS max, Citra is too buggy) And the 2DS can do any handheld emulation up to itself.

Plus I never liked the 3D screen, it messed with my eyes too much (I have strabismus /lazy eye) on 26 May 21:24 collapse

In my house alone I have two 2DSes, one 3DS, three 2DSXLs, one N3DS, and one N3DSXL.

I’m tempted to get a couple more but I’ve already modded the N3DSXL with a huge SD card and a ton of games. Personally I think the N3DS is more comfortable but I haven’t wanted to transfer everything over to it. on 29 May 18:31 collapse

The N3DSXL looks really appealing but not the same price as that tag sale find. on 26 May 18:12 next collapse

What do you meant Nintendont? That is on Wii U.

Who are the custom servers for DS? on 26 May 18:19 collapse

You’re right. My mistake. I meant hShop (download games directly) and Twilight++ (play DS/DSi games)

Edit: and Pretendo in lieu of Nintendo ID on 26 May 18:33 collapse