The Most Ambitious Manga Fighting Game - Jump Ultimate Stars (
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Check out this amazing covering of a lot of aspects of this truly gem for Nintendo DS, which thanks to Wimmfi can be played online yet either with original hardware or through emulation, he kindly shared.


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What the fuck is L (from Death Note) doing in a fighting game?? on 01 Feb 2024 01:55 next collapse

Have you seen his kick? Anyway I remember it being quite fun, though mostly because of the recognizable assemble. on 01 Feb 2024 03:08 collapse

You mean the part when he fought with Light while being bound to him? on 02 Feb 2024 09:40 collapse

Yes. Light is in the game too btw. on 01 Feb 2024 02:08 next collapse

Well, kicking ass I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ on 01 Feb 2024 02:48 next collapse

… Befriending his opponent and trying to convince them not to kill him in a tense series of cat and mouse conversations? on 01 Feb 2024 06:14 collapse

Not all characters are playable characters.

This game has been released on the Nintendo DS. The idea is to compose your own manga page on the bottom screen with well-known cells from multiple manga. Some cells represent playable characters, some are support characters (doing move as an assist) and others have just passive abilities.

The cells also reinforce each other if they are touching and have « something » in common (eg: from the same manga, or both are the main protagonist of their manga, …).

During the battle, you tap the cells on the touch screen to switch character or call support characters. That’s how they could integrate many characters, even if they do not fight.