8BitDo releases adapter for using modern controllers on PS1 and PS2 (www.techspot.com)
from 2tone@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 10 Aug 2023 07:39 +0000


MrScottyTay@sh.itjust.works on 10 Aug 2023 09:07 +0000 next

Kinda pointless for ps2, unless used for a player 2 etc., Because of the lack of pressure sensitive buttons.

Kaan@lemmy.kweb.ovh on 10 Aug 2023 09:11 +0000 next

Barely any game uses them. And I think it’s only needed in MGS. So, far from pointless imo.

helloharu@lemmy.world on 10 Aug 2023 09:44 +0000 next

I remember finding out Ridge Racer V was using them when it was released, and as cool as it was, it just seemed rather pointless. Sensitivity margin was so thin you had to be quite delicate with it.

MrScottyTay@sh.itjust.works on 10 Aug 2023 10:26 +0000 next

and almost all racing games or games with vehicles that use th face buttons for acceleration, think GTA, NFS, Gran Turismo

kurosawaa@programming.dev on 10 Aug 2023 12:00 +0000 next

Silent Hill 2 uses it unfortunately.

WhiskyTangoFoxtrot@lemmy.world on 10 Aug 2023 12:17 +0000 next

The Ace Combat games used them for throttle, rudder and radar zoom level.

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Nioxic@lemmy.world on 10 Aug 2023 16:03 +0000 next

GTA3 as well

Though its rather pointless IMO

TheWildTangler@lemmy.world on 11 Aug 2023 00:03 +0000

Silent Hill 2 has heavy and light attacks that are tied to the analog face buttons. You might be able to use a hold with digital mode but it would be slower

IndiBrony@lemmy.world on 10 Aug 2023 12:26 +0000 next

It makes me sad that this wasn’t carried forward. I feel like I’m the only person who actually enjoyed the pressure sensitivity.

BoxOfFeet@lemmy.world on 10 Aug 2023 13:19 +0000 next

Yeah. Brook makes a good adapter that supports modern controllers, as well as the PS3, so you can still get those pressure sensitive buttons. I use mine all the time, PS2 is pretty much the only console I play anymore.

swagstudios@lemmy.world on 10 Aug 2023 16:18 +0000 next

yeah I use the brook adapter with PS3 controller which uses pressure sensitive buttons

MrScottyTay@sh.itjust.works on 10 Aug 2023 19:51 +0000

Does the brook allow pressure sensitive? I never actually got along to testing it properly when I used one cause I wasn’t really looking for it at the time. I do have the one previous to the current model though

swagstudios@lemmy.world on 11 Aug 2023 17:31 +0000

yes. make sure firmware up to date

Pumpkinbot@lemmy.world on 15 Aug 2023 21:27 +0000

PS2 had pressure sensitive buttons? No shit, I had no idea.

helloharu@lemmy.world on 10 Aug 2023 09:47 +0000 next

This is great, one of the reasons I’ve not had my PS1&2 setup in my “gaming area” is because of the lack of reach on the official controllers from my unit (also loads of wires). So this definitely interests me!

IlIllIIIllIlIlIIlI@lemmy.world on 10 Aug 2023 23:13 +0000 next

Would like to know if adds input lag.

chanunnaki@lemmy.world on 11 Aug 2023 00:43 +0000 next

It will absolutely add some latency compared to the original controller but whether it’s perceptible to you or any other human being is another matter entirely. I find 8bitdo sometimes have terrible lag in some of their devices, but it could be down to shoddy firmware and sometimes get patched later, like with the SN30 Pro for Android which was unusable before firmware patches.

I’m personally just semi-sensitive to lag, but for serious gaming I will always go wired for the psychological edge. I will get this regardless because wireless controllers are amazing for casual gaming.

I’m actually more interested in how much lag the USB-C passthrough introduces. If that can be down in the sub-3ms range, that would be amazing.

recapitated@lemmy.world on 11 Aug 2023 18:50 +0000

If a Bluetooth controller can perform in any setting, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be feasible to make one perform well in this application. It will react to inputs and close or open a circuit or send an analog signal.

mojo@lemm.ee on 10 Aug 2023 23:37 +0000 next

Don’t know how many people would want this, but it’s cool as hell they’re doing this.

graymess@lemmy.world on 11 Aug 2023 05:00 +0000

I do! Bought one. Been on a PS2 mod kick this past week, so this came at the perfect time.

FancyFeaster@lemmy.fail on 11 Aug 2023 07:07 +0000 next

Wait, is that brand any good for controllers? I got one as part of my handheld Ayaneo 2 deal and haven’t even unpacked it. This is the one I have:


2tone@lemmy.world on 11 Aug 2023 08:39 +0000

Fantastic brand with fantastic controllers. Unpack that item right away!

FancyFeaster@lemmy.fail on 11 Aug 2023 09:31 +0000

Great to know! Thanks :)

recapitated@lemmy.world on 11 Aug 2023 18:47 +0000

For such a goofy name, this company makes some really cool stuff.