FlippyDrive Preorder Notification (flippydrive.com)
from v1605@lemmy.world to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 04 Jan 2024 15:02

FlippyDrive is an upcoming GameCube ode that will be ~$38 (compared to the gcloader at $105). It will also give you the ability to use the ode with the optical drive in place, getting the best of the gcloader and picoboot.


v1605@lemmy.world on 04 Jan 2024 15:13 next collapse

First look youtu.be/YPq48Wm8y-U?si=D8ulZrGVXgccPh1w

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enuma_elis@lemmy.world on 04 Jan 2024 18:35 collapse

Interesting, but how can it be this cheap? Other ODEs for various systems run well over a hundred dollars, and the only other ODE that lets you retain the optical drive, Saturn’s Satiator, is over two hundred.

v1605@lemmy.world on 04 Jan 2024 20:44 collapse

The best guess is BOM cost. It’s using an RP2050 and esp32 to emulate the drive. Most other solutions are using a FPGA, which is going to be more expensive.