What are some good YouTube channels about the Nintendo 64?
from VanHalbgott@lemmus.org to retrogaming@lemmy.world on 30 Jun 23:58


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Lost_My_Mind@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 00:08 next collapse

He’s not exclusively N64, he covers a wide array of topics, but you could probably find a few decent videos from The Gaming Historian.

Same thing with Nintendrew, and MetalGamerJesus.

Edit: Sorry, I had the wrong name. His name is actually MetalJesusRocks. Brain fart!

MammyWhammy@lemmy.ml on 01 Jul 01:21 collapse

In the same vein as MetalGamer Jesus, Game Sack has some N64 episodes as well.

SkepticalRobot@lemmy.world on 01 Jul 00:10 next collapse

ThaBeast721 if you’re looking for plot and gameplay summaries. ThaBeast is on a challenge to complete every N64 game.

Link: youtube.com/@thabeast721?si=4gcFav-vLBpBsk00

esteemedtogami@lemmy.one on 01 Jul 01:23 next collapse

There’s Nerrel who is both very entertaining and knowledgeable/informative about the N64 and emulation. He does use strong language so just wanted to point that out in case that isn’t your cup of tea.

Father_Redbeard@lemmy.ml on 02 Jul 04:39 next collapse

N64 Glenn Plant!

He’s criminally underrated but does deep dives on tons of n64 games. Really enjoy his content.

mctoasterson@reddthat.com on 03 Jul 00:35 next collapse

MetalJesusRocks for some “hidden gems” type of content.

MVG for technical or development deepdives.

Karl Jobst for speedrunning content.

Retrogamecorps, Taki Udon, Wulff Den, and ETA Prime for emulation.

All those channels cover various content besides just N64, but they’ve made some of the best N64 game related content.

freeman@sh.itjust.works on 03 Jul 15:35 collapse

KazeN64 a super mario 64 modder (that run on real hardware) with pretty in depth technical descriptions of how N64 works, how it was misused and how it could be done better.