My Sega Saturn still doesn't read memory cartridges.
from to on 08 Mar 2024 22:26

I just opened the console and cleaned the port and memory cartridges and it still won’t read.

I reckon the hardware is getting too old.

However, I prefer the original hardware without any fancy upgrades like a new operating system.

Pieces are also chipping off inside and I just had my Dad fix the power cable port by gluing a piece back on there to fix the power cable usage.



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Have you tried cleaning the memory card and port with isopropyl alcohol? on 08 Mar 2024 22:42 collapse

Yes. on 08 Mar 2024 22:47 collapse

Like separately? I’ve put alcohol on the contacts of the card and then inserted and removed into the system , over and over, to get the oxidization off. I have to do that with my n64 from time to time. on 08 Mar 2024 23:06 next collapse

That’s hot on 08 Mar 2024 23:14 collapse

If I can get at the connector I prefer to de-tarnish it with Flitz, then after a bath in contact cleaner I’ll goop it up with dielectric grease, which ensures I will not have to do it again any time soon.

You can realign the leaf contacts carefully with a dental pick or, if that doesn’t come to hand, a pin with a short 90 degree bend in it. You can also truly realign the pins in specific connectors if the fancy strikes you; my front loader NES will now happily (and easily!) play cartridges without having to push them down. on 08 Mar 2024 22:46 next collapse

Have you thought about getting a new one? /s on 09 Mar 2024 21:57 collapse

Not yet. I could potentially fix the console. on 08 Mar 2024 23:07 next collapse

Have you tried turning it off and on again? on 09 Mar 2024 21:58 collapse

Yes. on 08 Mar 2024 23:07 next collapse

A few things I have observed over the years you might want to check. Take a flashlight or something and look at the actual contacts in the port and see if they are bent. Sometimes the old cheap 4 in one carts have poorly made PCBs what arent beveled correctly or are too thick and squish the pins and they no longer make good contact. It looks like an official one in the pic but unless you have had this since new who knows what someone threw in here. see here for some more info on that

Also these backup carts do just sometimes go bad though I don’t know if I have ever seen an official one go bad but buying a new one to test may help with that as they aren’t that expensive. They also usually have lots of built in features like an action replay and acting as an extended ram cart. Just make sure to try and check that the pcb is made correctly with that link above on 09 Mar 2024 00:16 next collapse

Possibly the cartridge and not the Saturn? on 09 Mar 2024 21:59 collapse

Possibly. on 09 Mar 2024 00:21 next collapse

Sorry, I had to double take when I saw the crystal left of your center speaker. I thought I was trapped in another “find the dildo” moment. on 09 Mar 2024 21:59 collapse

O_o on 09 Mar 2024 01:46 collapse

New OS what do you mean? My SS has a fenrir and a working memory card slot and I still find it a pita dealing with saves on this console. Luckily batsugun doesn’t really need all that much save wise. on 09 Mar 2024 22:00 collapse

I want to preserve my system without updating it. on 10 Mar 2024 14:59 collapse

That’s fair enough. I had no nostalgia for it and came across one cheap console with a broken power supply. Swapped that out then upgraded it. The price of games for the system are pretty crazy especially for Shmups.

I do quite enjoy it though I had a play station growing up and if I had the choice again it would be the PS. Though the Sega saturn is a neat machine and it does have some interesting games.