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A callback to the PS3 early days.


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Playing Motorstorm with the 6-axis in the controller was a surreal experience. And that was a launch title. Same with playing a mature FPS from the makers of Ratchet & Clank and Spyro. on 28 Jun 01:23 next collapse

not to mention the crash bandicoot and jak & daxter devs making the last of us on 28 Jun 03:52 collapse

@Omegamanthethird @Thassodar Did they have the six-axis at launch? I'm trying to remember the specifics -- it has been so long -- but I do remember that Sony had a lot of trouble getting the dual shock motors to work together with the six-axis thing for whatever reason (I mean I assume they never run at the same time?) and I thought I remember a delay due to that?

It has been too long. I don't remember well. on 28 Jun 04:08 collapse

You’re kind of remembering right. The first controllers were 6-axis and did not have rumble. They claimed it was impossible.

Later on they added it back in and it became the dual shock 3. on 28 Jun 04:08 collapse

@Omegamanthethird Ohhh. It was the other way around. Hah.

Goldfish have nothing on me!

(What are goldfish? 😁 ) on 28 Jun 04:10 next collapse

I know it was later in the console’s cycle, but the PS3 had Grand Theft Auto V. Yes, GTA5 has been the most recent installment in the franchise for that long. on 28 Jun 19:18 collapse

Ditto Skyrim. on 28 Jun 04:19 next collapse

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Yes I know some of these are downloadables from the ps2 but what about it on 28 Jun 05:08 next collapse

Wasn’t there that indie game I can’t remember the name of… The End of Us? Something like that. on 28 Jun 07:40 next collapse

Which ones? As far as I’m aware, they’re all full-fat PS3 titles on 28 Jun 07:45 next collapse

Didn’t RDR perform terribly on the PS3? on 30 Jun 02:21 collapse

Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 were PS2 titles. Aside from Infamous and Demon’s Souls, the rest were multi-platform. I bought a PS3 at launch, but my game library for it was always small. on 28 Jun 03:09 next collapse

@Thassodar Rofl, OUCH. That one definitely stings.

There were maybe two PS3 games I liked. One I still hold out hopes on getting a western port on the remake. I don't even remember what the other was because I hate even turning my PS3 on.

To be clear, that's PS3, not "PlayStation" as the original post says though. PS1 and PS2 had *incredible* libraries. on 28 Jun 04:42 collapse

Ah but what about now? The PS5 has a pretty lackluster list of titles if I’m not mistaken, especially compared to the PS4. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m willing to bet by 2017, 4 years after the PS4’s release, it had a bigger library than the PS5 does now 4 years into its lifespan. on 28 Jun 05:21 next collapse

Is everyone just gonna ignore Eye of Judgment…come on guys! on 28 Jun 12:47 collapse

When the hell is someone going to make a mobile version of that game? It was so much fun! on 28 Jun 12:52 collapse

I still have a set with the camera, playmat etc and loads of extra cards somewhere in storage and I haven’t owned a PS3 for years.

It was by no means a perfect game but it was such a unique experience that I just loved.

Imagine if someone made a modern version based around Magic the Gathering, YuGiOh or hell even pokemon TCG. Summoning your monsters and watching them attack. I’d eat that right up! on 28 Jun 17:51 collapse

I think, if Sony owns the rights to it, a standalone game with the original rules would be great. The main things I loved were the direction based attacks, the variety of cards, and the elemental/flippable game tiles that could affect a lot of different classes.

They made a PSP version of the game I used to play WAY more than the PS3 version, but I think the people who bought the full game had a sour taste in the mouth when they found out you could print the right code and “own” whatever characters that were in the booster packs. on 28 Jun 18:52 collapse

I do agree I loved it the way it was and think it worked very well I just don’t think it sold very well. I don’t think I met anyone else that was aware of it, let alone played it.

I didn’t know there was a PSP version though, I might have to get a ROM of it and load it up onto my vita and give it a go! I’m guessing you would recommend giving it a try? ;P

I do remember printing a load out for myself at the time when I realised it was possible but it could never replace the look and feel of real cards.

I’m going to have a search tomorrow for my set actually now after having this comversation, just to see what I actually have and check it isn’t getting damp :D on 28 Jun 20:15 collapse

Oh yeah definitely recommend checking it out, I may have to get an emulator because my PSP is deep in my closet in several different pieces currently. I’ve been itching to play Metal Gear Ac!d anyway, so this may be my excuse.

I’ve never researched a PSP emulator for Android but I may now so I can still play on the go. on 29 Jun 06:12 collapse

Oh, I loved ac!d as well, I see you are a person of impecible tastes xD

I already have the ROM and will be giving it a go on the train later on today :D. I’m afraid I have no insights on an android emulator but there must be a good one! on 29 Jun 17:06 collapse

I’d regularly play Eye of Judgement, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, MGS Peace Walker, both Ac!d games and, because my car had some mean subwoofers, I’d use my PSP as a skip proof media player (bass was so hard the CD player would skip anything I burned). on 29 Jun 18:16 collapse

I started it earlier today and it is pretty nostalgic so far, I’m looking forward to putting some more time into it! Thanks for making me aware of its exsistence!

I had a similar problem with CD players in my car jumping due to bass around 07, my solution was using a power inverter and a laptop running winamp with my whole CD collection ripped onto it propped up on my centre console xD on 28 Jun 05:39 next collapse

skate 3 on 28 Jun 06:10 next collapse

The earliest PS3s could run PS2 games. Those were nice, rare, and expensive.

I wish they’d kept up with the hardware backwards compatibility. on 28 Jun 11:58 next collapse

I still have my George Foreman Grill PS3! on 30 Jun 02:17 collapse

Same. It can play PS1, PS2, and also cook up a hamburger. It reduces the fat! on 28 Jun 20:36 next collapse

All PS3’s could play PS1 games too on 29 Jun 21:13 collapse

i 100% would have gotten a ps3 if i could play ps2, but by the time i was able they werent selling those ps3s anymore. so i went with the 360 and never looked back on 28 Jun 07:44 next collapse

PS5 has no games either. It’s the PS3 2. 3+2 = 5. on 28 Jun 13:35 next collapse

Isn’t that the ps5? Or did the ps3 also didn’t have any games? on 28 Jun 21:17 next collapse

Man I HATED FF13. It was the first game I was introduced too where you don’t actually play the game. It was the beginning of the end. on 28 Jun 21:59 next collapse

That’s not true. It had infamous and… and… on 29 Jun 19:15 collapse

And Killzone 3; and Jenovah Chen’s Flower, Fl0w, and Journey; and Uncharted.

I know I’m forgetting a few but either way there weren’t many. on 29 Jun 02:14 collapse

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