My most memorable NES games
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Skipping some obvious ones like SMB/Tetris.

From top-left to bottom right:


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Skipping some and having one in twice on 15 Feb 2024 11:28 collapse

Sorry about that. on 15 Feb 2024 12:02 collapse

Not anything worth apologizing for.

This is your list. That I think some things may be missing is irrelevant, but it can be a conversation starter.

That you have a duplicate means you can cram more of your favorites in, if you like.

Which was your favorite? on 15 Feb 2024 12:06 collapse

Definitely Balloon Fight. The control scheme is perfect. Two player coop. Simple but fun, and with the right challenge.

I wish it had more variety in the level design.

What are your NES favourites? on 16 Feb 2024 12:37 collapse

My favorites were Ninja Turtles, Final Fantasy, Paperboy, Zelda, Rygar, Castlevania 3, or Kid Icarus. At least those ones got massive amounts of play time. on 16 Feb 2024 12:50 collapse

Kid Icarus is a little too difficult for me, but I think I should try again and see if I can get better.

I only played TMNT on SNES, perhaps I should try the NES one.

I never tried Paperboy, is it good? on 16 Feb 2024 14:17 collapse

I never said I was good at them. LOL. I enjoyed them all. For the time they came out, they were amazing to me.

I think the part I liked about TMNT was that it had multiple play styles in one game, so it felt like more.

Paperboy was a racing game with a timing mechanism. You ride a bike along a set course, dodging obstacles like the racing games of the time. However, you have to time throwing papers at or in mailboxes to get points to pass stages. on 15 Feb 2024 11:30 next collapse

Ah, this just gave me a fun wallpaper idea and reminded me that my emulator exists. Thanks 👍 on 15 Feb 2024 11:33 next collapse

What’s that one with a baby? on 15 Feb 2024 11:35 collapse on 15 Feb 2024 11:48 next collapse

Battletoads on 15 Feb 2024 12:01 collapse

For some reason Battletoads wasn’t popular/known in my region. For fighting games, we were into Double Dragon and Kunio Kun (River City). on 15 Feb 2024 12:05 next collapse

Lot of ones inthere I don’t recognize, but I think the only one that should be added is Metroid. on 15 Feb 2024 12:08 collapse

Yeah. I want to highlight some games that are under-appreciated. If I add SMB/Zelda/Metroid etc then there would be less room for less known games. on 15 Feb 2024 12:05 next collapse

Jackal! That game was a bonding moment for my brother and I. on 15 Feb 2024 12:09 collapse

I love same-screen coop games. Too bad they aren’t popular any more after the 8-bit and 16-bit era. on 15 Feb 2024 13:10 collapse

It’s amazing how few great couch co-op games there are these days. on 15 Feb 2024 12:28 next collapse

The one thing these games have in common…

… Is Matt Turk.

Resonance by Odyssey starts playing on 15 Feb 2024 12:32 next collapse

Did you just not play Super Mario Bros? on 15 Feb 2024 12:38 collapse

I did. Just not enough room for too many good NES games. on 16 Feb 2024 02:15 collapse

You had enough room to put Lifeforce on twice. on 15 Feb 2024 12:42 next collapse

City Connection! Love that game, fantastic soubdtrack. on 15 Feb 2024 12:55 collapse

Yeah it is a bit simplistic, but I go back to it for a short run once in a while. Miss the simple pick up and play.

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You’re right:

From top-left to bottom right:

  • Punch Out
  • Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (Famicom Disk System)
  • Gun.smoke
  • Bubble Bobble
  • Dragon Quest III
  • Volleyball
  • Pinball
  • Mighty Bomb Jack
  • Lifeforce
  • Double Dribble
  • Bionic Commando
  • Lifeforce (sorry duplicate)
  • Nekketsu Kouha Kunio Kun (Famicom)
  • Balloon Fight
  • Ice Hockey
  • Super Dodgeball
  • Soccer
  • Double Dragon II
  • Dragon Spirit
  • Jackal
  • City Connection on 15 Feb 2024 14:07 next collapse

How’s the pinball one? Is it literally just called pinball? I’ve definitely played an old pinball game before but can’t remember the name or system but I love me some retro pinball lol on 15 Feb 2024 14:15 collapse

This one is just called Pinball, it is a first-party Nintendo game.

I love NES pinball. I do not like pinball games with realistic physics (too fast and too difficult). This one feels more like a game instead of a real pinball machine. Also, this one has a bonus stage with Mario in it.

I also like how clear and bright the visuals are. Too many newer pinball games are cluttered and flashy.

Space Cadet and NES pinball are my favourite video pinball games of all time. on 16 Feb 2024 14:17 collapse

I love space cadet! Lol, and sweet thanks, just played a game and it’s pretty fun :) I also found something called Family Pinball on 15 Feb 2024 15:19 next collapse

Needs more Crystalis on 15 Feb 2024 16:45 next collapse

Balloon Fight! It’s similar to Joust (possibly even a rip off), but I find it to be a bit easier to control. on 15 Feb 2024 17:30 collapse

There is a video on youtube explaining the effort put into programming Balloon Fight to improve the controls. on 15 Feb 2024 20:41 collapse

I played a knock-off flash game called “Balloon Duel” as a kid. It was pretty fun, so I just decided to buy Balloon Fight to try it out. Thanks for the recommendation! on 15 Feb 2024 18:20 next collapse

No Zelda? Boooooooo on 15 Feb 2024 20:42 next collapse

Bubble Bobble is one of my favorite games ever! on 15 Feb 2024 21:54 next collapse

Fuck yeah. Super Dodge Ball! on 15 Feb 2024 23:59 next collapse

Surprised to not see TMNT or excitebike! on 16 Feb 2024 00:27 next collapse

No Metal Gear?? on 16 Feb 2024 00:28 next collapse

<img alt="Adventures of Lolo" src="">

I played this on an emulator decades later and it was my all time favorite NES game. I ended up beating all 3 multiple times.

So many NES games require perfect timing under strong time pressure. This one being a puzzle game also requires some timing but you can plan your trip and try again if you mess up.

I actually helped develop levels for a copycat game some rando I met online made, it was fun! on 16 Feb 2024 01:02 next collapse

So many memorable childhood games. Much bonding over Jackal and fighting (or trying to start a fight) in Ice Hockey. Nice solo gaming with awesome music on Gun.smoke and Balloon Fight.

I’m glad emulators exist and work out of the box, so I could keep playing these games without any hassle on my computer even if the hardware has become hard to find. on 16 Feb 2024 01:10 next collapse

Was Nekketsu Kouha Kunio Kun released as “Renegade” in the US? That screenshot looks a lot like the second stage. The characters’ clothes look different from what I remember though. on 16 Feb 2024 01:12 next collapse

Code Name: Viper would be on my list. on 16 Feb 2024 03:08 next collapse

No Excite Bike? on 16 Feb 2024 03:43 next collapse

Great, after reading the words City Connection, that music will be stuck in my head for a week on 16 Feb 2024 15:35 next collapse

I’d vote Dragon Quest III! on 20 Feb 2024 05:00 collapse

Dragon Quest for sure! Short but sweet. The sequels are longer. The final boss on Dragon Quest 5 was tough. Super Famicom great 90’s game. on 17 Feb 2024 07:10 next collapse

I appreciate a fellow Jackal enjoyer on 17 Feb 2024 07:45 collapse

Wonderful time with coop (and when I had friends to coop with). on 17 Feb 2024 07:35 next collapse

I mostly played Blades of Steel (an ice hockey game that turned into a fighting game every few seconds), TMNT and Top Gun. I think I landed on that goddamn carrier like 3 times combined, but it was still a blast! We also had a completely legal cartridge with 250 games on it, so I’m definitely forgetting something. I may need to get a CRT and try if my NES still works. on 17 Feb 2024 07:51 collapse

Top Gun is memorable in a frustrating way.

I enjoyed Blades of Steel too. But I like Ice Hockey better overall, mainly because they added weight/power to different player types. That might be the first sports game having such system. on 17 Feb 2024 16:55 collapse

Yeah, I agree. The NES was king back in the day.

Before that, it was Atari before the crash.

Then Sega joined the international market even though they were making systems in Japan.

Have I played on an actual NES, though? Technically on Nintendo Switch Online, yes.

Just not an actual system yet.

Hopefully, I’ll decide to collect for that soon but I’m also interested in the Sega Master System.