Funny Playing's New FPGA GameBoy Color (
from to on 14 Nov 2023 21:44

After buying the Board, the case, membranes, and buttons, you’re probably looking around $85 for a USB c rechargeable Gameboy with a ips screen. Not a bad value.


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So is this pretty much an Analogue Pocket with a less good screen? on 14 Nov 2023 22:57 collapse

No, the analogue pocket does multiple systems and with shipping is going to cost close to $300. This is basically a Gameboy color with those mods and no electrolytic caps.

Edit: also no SD card, so just a pure GBC implementation to read og carts or everdrives on 14 Nov 2023 23:31 next collapse

Got it, thanks. Still a cool project but I’d love a Pocket on 15 Nov 2023 02:52 collapse

I agree, I don’t see this as a competitor to the Pocket, more like a cheaper alternative to a modded GBC on 15 Nov 2023 01:24 collapse

Can it drive higher res screens? on 15 Nov 2023 01:31 collapse

I wouldn’t expect it too. The screen should be exactly the same as their other ips mods. on 15 Nov 2023 03:38 next collapse

Can I flash custom firmware to the fpga to have a little fpga tinkering machine with screen? Is the gameboy fpga core open source? on 15 Nov 2023 03:42 collapse

Unknown, if you want that info you should probably email funny playing directly. on 08 Dec 2023 06:25 collapse

Its kind of incredible how deep funnyplaying is into GB(A) replacement parts that its beginning to actually manufacture its own gameboys outright.